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Samu Juvonen Helsinki, Finland
MP3 Taggers

MP3 Taggers 27 comments

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Apr 29 2018
Hello. Coquillo is trying to make a comeback and the packages have been updated after nearly six years of inactivity. - Apr 29 2018
Nice to hear. This app should get a lot better when I finally have the time to finalize "2.0". I have tried to focus on too many other projects, so it has been lacking too much. - Sep 01 2015
Apparently my scripts on OBS already worked for Mandriva but they support only the 2011-spec release and no Rosa at all, so I'll put your link up for display for some time. - Jun 20 2012
Note to Arch linux users: I cannot login to AUR atm, so the new AUR release is delayed until HTTPS works again. - Apr 13 2012
After six months of silence, Coquillo is back here! Version 1.10 is a maintenance release: almost all of the code was rewritten in hopes of more enjoyable future development and less bugs.

This release also includes some enhancements suggested by the community. - Apr 13 2012
I tried to reproduce your bug with Coquillo 1.9 but I didn't manage to. I don't know if I understood it thoroughly. Maybe you could provide me with exact steps of how to reproduce it? - Dec 04 2011
I think I can implement these requests for the next release. The CDDB search dialog has pretty limited functionality, but that's because I wanted to keep it simple. I would like to redesign its interface but have not yet found a decent solution, so that's why it hasn't been improved since the first version.

However, it is already possible to choose which tags to apply from a CDDB search result using the buttons below the search results list. Problem is that you don't see what data those tags contain. I thought this is an adequate temporary solution, because you could only choose to apply data to fields that are empty in the tracks to see if they get any better.

I will look into your bug report too. I have also fixed some other bugs with the handling of tags recently.

I don't know when I am able to make the next release, because I have a lengthy queue of other projects I'd like to release sometime. But maybe I can spare a day. - Dec 04 2011
Version 1.9 is just a quick fix to some stupid bugs that I forgot to fix with 1.8, and also an unknown regression that caused tags to not be displayed in the editor. - Oct 14 2011
1. Do you mean you want to be able to hide some columns? I'll add this to next release.

2. It is possible to insert other graphics than just covers too. For example photos of live performances.

3. I have thought about this but decided they are not relevant. I could change this, of course, if other people think differently.

4. I acknowledged this minor annoyance already while in beta, but forgot to fix it. Will do. - Aug 16 2011
I hope to have fixed the bugs reported by users 3 and RazrFalcon with Coquillo 1.6. Editing Ogg Vorbis covers is a bit messy now if converting legacy covers is not enabled; it will duplicate each legacy cover to the new format EVERY TIME the covers are saved. - Aug 11 2011
I mimiced the coverart behaviour from EasyTag, but it seems that EasyTag uses an old standard for Ogg Vorbis tags and Puddletag uses the newer one.

I will fix this issue for the next release. - Aug 09 2011
Yea, I haven't tested this encoding stuff and don't actually know if they work at all. Unfortunately I'll be leaving for a trip tomorrow morning so I don't have time to dig into this until the weekend or early next week or so... But I'll fix this when I'm back home. - Aug 01 2011
I don't really want full KDE integration myself, though I've been a KDE user for years now.

I also don't think there is anything to integrate at the moment. It's not a good idea to make a huge pile of KDE libraries a dependency just to have a slightly different text box. - Jul 30 2011
Actually I wrote this to replace EasyTag on my computer! There's nothing seriously wrong with EasyTag, but it seems to be dead and being based on GTK+ is a limiting factor of sorts. I also wanted to clean the UI a bit and drop 'unneeded' features. - Jun 05 2011
Sorry for broken download link. I was too sloppy when updating the links earlier today. - May 29 2011

GTK3 Themes 364 comments

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Sep 13 2017
Maybe it has never been broken. Seems to me MetalX isn't perticularly designed for the extension. - Oct 05 2011
The shell theme is not compatible with Gnome Global Menu extension. The git version has been fixed for Gnome 3.2 and works for example with MetalX shell theme. With Zukitwo-Shell, the shell always crashes when selecting an item in the global menu. - Oct 05 2011
Google Shell (Dark & 3.2 compatible!)

Gnome Shell Themes 26 comments

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Oct 20 2011
This theme makes the shell freeze when trying to search for apps in Gnome 3.2. I applied to provided patches to no avail. - Oct 03 2011
Metal X 1.4 (compatible with gnome 3.2)

Gnome Shell Themes 26 comments

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Oct 19 2011
Thanks for the tip. I didn't even know there were two version included in the archive because I always install themes using gnome-tweak-tool.

Maybe you should split the archive in two different versions or please at least add a note of this situation in the description. - Oct 01 2011
I forgot to mention I have two computers running Gnome 3.2 and they both suffer of the freeze caused by the themes. One is running i686 and the other one is x86_64. I have tried resetting Gnome configs to no avail. Also the other computer has had a clean installation of the OS. - Oct 01 2011
I have two bugs to report.

The first one is a missing background in the online status combobox in the user's menu. Gnome 3.2 introduced this new widget.

The second is more serious. This theme - like many others - causes the shell to freeze completely when the search feature is used. Most of the time the shell freezes instantly after typing in the first character.

The latter one must be due to some API/styling changes in Gnome 3.2 since many of the themes that worked with 3.0 will now cause shell freeze.

I checked GDM logs and there was nothing printed. Also .xsession-errors didn't seem to have anything useful. - Oct 01 2011
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

QtCurve 2890 comments

Score 82.9%
Jan 16 2013
When XBar is enabled and menubar is set visible, there is an unpainted line in the main window (follows window bg). If menubar is hidden, the line will disappear but XBar won't work either. - May 14 2011
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1783 comments

Score 87.0%
Aug 15 2013
You should consider separating the icons from the rest of the theme... Oxygen isn't the nicest of widget styles so many people do not use it, but would still appreciate to get only the icons.

(Including me!) - Feb 26 2010

Plasma Themes 6 comments

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Sep 21 2009
I myself dislike the "roundiness" in KDE's default Plasma, the same goes for Air in 4.3. It's a big shame they have to mimic a regular push Oxygen push button in Plasma themes because the push button is probably the ugliest widget in Oxygen now that tabs are 'fixed'. - Sep 19 2009
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 842 comments

by panzi
Score 86.9%
Nov 05 2010
There is a critical bug in this version. It causes the whole Plasma to crash and is usually very reproducible.

It occures only when Keep Expanded is set to "From the current desktop". I think that grouping needs to be enabled too ("By program name").

1. Open up an application (any should be fine).
2. While the main window is open, open a dialog window that belongs to it (settings dialog or whatever).

--> Plasma should crash.

At first it seemed to crash on every try but this morning it started to 'work' a little better and might crash only once in every ten attempts. Still faraway from usable.

I can reproduce it with Firefox, Kopete, KMail, Akregator etc. My setup is KDE 4.3 and Arch Linux with this current version of patched STasks.

- Aug 09 2009
Air final update (plasma theme)

Plasma Themes 28 comments

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Jun 24 2009
Apparently the following line will need to be fixed in order for this theme to work:



- Jun 25 2009
Ran those commands but the Air doesn't work on my KDE 4.3. Gives me the default Oxygen style instead == broken. - Jun 25 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 445 comments

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Mar 21 2009
Worked for me with KDE 4.2.4 too, but broke up after upgrading to 4.3 B2... - Jun 11 2009
You should add an option for adjusting time before the expading animation starts. It's now a bit dirty when having many items in taskbar and hovering them. - Feb 28 2009
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May 20 2011

by jerous

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9   Nov 13 2011

GTK3 Themes
by lassekongo83

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9   Oct 01 2011
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9   Oct 01 2011