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Torban Marks Berlin, Germany
KMail Power Tools

Email by jice 3 comments


at first, thank you for this good addition to the Kmail too.

There are two small problems with significant effects by using you tool.

1. special characters
When the attachement contains special characters (like umlauts etc.) in filename, these attachments won't take deleted from mail and it's impossible to open or rename this attachment in filesystem if I saved this with option "-d"

2. space characters
When the attachement contains space characters it's not possible to open this hyperlink directly from disclaimer of the mail, because the hyperlink brokes directly after the first space character.

My suggestion: Is it possible to eleminate all special and space characters when you get attachment name from kmail? Sure! Then the filename looks strange. But I think it works and it's not a roundabout way to solve this problem.

cyorps - Jun 13 2010
Jun 13 2010