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Swapan Sarkar Dallas, United States of America
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Kirocker Music Display

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Dec 14 2007
Thanks. Funny I needed to reboot the m/c for it to work. What happened was that I had an older version on my task bar. Then I downloaded and make-installed it and then I removed the older applet and installed the new version on the taskbar (so I thought) and did not find these new buttons without realizing that it was still using the in-memory version. But after a reboot, I see the new buttons and everything is working fine. - Mar 14 2007
This maybe a dumb question but I could not find my answers anywhere (README file is empty), even a search on google points to here...
How do you switch to fullscreen coverdisplay mode from the kicker applet on the panel ? Right click only brings up options 'Unlock panel' and 'Help' and double click nor any of the buttons on the applet itself does not work. - Mar 11 2007
Seems like ./configure is checking for 1.9 version of autotools. My Kubuntu x86_64 has 1.7 by default and am reluctant to upgrade (as will lot of other people). In this scenario, ./configure && make && make install fails AFTER configure run.
My question: could the am__api_version not be hard coded to 1.9 in ./configure ? - Feb 22 2007
contextFS for Amarok

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Feb 09 2007
If you read my proposal at the linked page on forum, point #6, I had a different idea than just a wider context browser. I would like it to be configurable, not just the CSS but the whole layout. - Feb 11 2007
Oh yeah, I had a bigger idea defined somewhat at,13537.0.html and this is just playing around with the foundation for that. - Feb 09 2007
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by panzi
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Feb 09 2007
The AmarokFS script at seems to work fine handling SIGTERM. - Feb 09 2007

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Mar 12 2009
I will check it out once I am at home.
In fact your solution got me thinking, why not replace the itrans executable with Ruby code the other way from what you have done. You will just need the .ifm file and peek into the itrans source to find out how it works. That way we don't have to worry about platform issues. - Feb 02 2007
Also forgot to add that my itrans executable was x86_64 based. I have updated my core amarok lyrics script with both x86_64 and i386 version of itrans. - Jan 31 2007
Fetching hindi lyrics using giitaayan does not seem to work. I used 'Kuch Bhi na Socho' song from film Bombay which has a single hit. Line after 'Giitaayan - -' is blank but choosing it says track not found.
Config option does not list giitaayan from among the selections. - Jan 31 2007
OK, played around with it and extended it to fetch lyrics of hindi songs. It is available at - Jan 19 2007
First of all, good work but I have two things to comment.
1) I found it to be a bit slow in fetching lyrics. Default setting was leos-lyrics with others having lower priority. It would take > 5secs in some cases where default lyrc script takes < 2secs for the same song. Maybe object manipulation / instantiation takes some time for each song.
2) I had difficulty in understanding it to extend it to implement something like
Do you have a template to extend it ? - Jan 15 2007
iTRANS Amarok Script

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Jan 25 2007
This got me thinking, why not replace the itrans executable with Ruby code the other way from what you have done. You will just need the .ifm file and peek into the itrans source to find out how it works. That way we don't have to worry about platform issues.
- Feb 02 2007
I have created a version integrated into wiki-lyrics which can be checked out from The caveat is that the script can not use the genre tag so it will fetch lyrics based on priority and if earlier ones fail then it will call this one. - Jan 25 2007
Updated the script with both architecture version of itrans. Let me know if there is any problem with the script, out of the box. - Jan 25 2007
Sorry, didn't realise this earlier. The itrans executable bundled with the script was created on my machine which is Kubuntu running on AMD64 so it is x86_64 specific. On other platforms it has to be downloaded from

Meanwhile I will look into making it platform independent. - Jan 24 2007
Most probably then it is a font related issue. Basically one needs unicode encoded font files for hindi script. To test if you have the fonts installed, run the following command in the scripts directory.
itrans -U -i $scripts-data/lyrics.itx
and see if you get any output. If not then you will need to install the unicode fonts for hindi language. Lot of them are available for free. Here is a start - Jan 18 2007
I have fixed it so that lyrics.itx file is created in $KDE-AMAROK/scripts-data directory instead of /tmp directory, so permissions problem should be fixed now. - Jan 13 2007
Check the temporary file /tmp/lyrics.itx , is it present ? If not then there might be some permission related issue. If so then let me know, I will update the script to take care of it. - Jan 08 2007

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Jan 19 2007
It is a good idea. Maybe you can create a version like the playlist generator which publishes the cloud as an HTML which can be accessed using the browser.
http://localhost:4774/playlist --> playlist
http://localhost:4774/scorecloud --> cloud - Jan 24 2007
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Feb 22 2007
Was wondering why default Amarok app does not provide CD ripping functionality (mine had options after 'Manage Files' disabled) so if they add this to the default build, it will be great. Ultimately used the method described at - Jan 15 2007