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May 17 2019
Thank you! Its working! :))))) God bless! - May 20 2019
Sorry for hungarian words. Im using webtranslator and when i pasted "I am ashame of myself a little bit, but" it pasted hungarian too. :) - May 20 2019
Thank you Stepan your fast helping will! You may a rare, special man... :)
kicsit szégyellem magam, de
I am ashame of myself a little bit, but:

Not so urgent and important, but I would be glad about the solution because of that. Thank you again! And respect! :)
- May 20 2019
Thank you for your fast answer. :) I'm newbie in linux, im just use linux mint ~2 years ago. Im try to learing it from tutorials. So i have some bookmarks in my browser, and i find somewhere, some weeks ago a step by step terminal commands to build makefile or cmake (setup :D ) for an application, but i can't find it... Im try to find amd64.deb adb, but no just same version, and nothing happened, so pcdroid same like on youtube video. :) If you have a little freetime to write to every newbie, who's have adb error please do it. We (im) will waiting. :D Sorry my weak english knowledge, it's too learning from "myself". (Autodidakt) Have a nice day! - May 19 2019
Dear developer(s)!

Thank you for your(s) work! Please watch this video to fix problem. Respect and greetings from hungary. :)
- May 18 2019