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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 22 comments

by CKulT
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Dec 17 2007
Ahh yes, but what about an option to do it as root? Maybe running kdesu? - Dec 17 2007

System Software 11 comments

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Oct 28 2004
Actually, that's already happened. But some people like using khotkeys or other tools, so I continue to support both. - Dec 02 2004
At this point, I'm using khotkeys in conjunction with Media-Detect. I prefer the simple means of laying out application priority in Media-Detect.

Basically, khotkeys rocks at turning the keys on, but doesn't make it easy to change what the keys do based on which applications are open. I know it's theoretically possible, but with every application you add it becomes ridiculously more complex. I prefer being able to simply assign which apps have higher priority. - May 26 2004
Media-Detect shouldn't need an .ebuild file to install in Gentoo. As long as you have a working (and reasonably up-to-date) bash installed, the scripts work exactly as they are right out of the tarball.

There's nothing to be compiled or built. Just place the scripts in a directory on your path (or run the install script, which will do the same thing), and they should work.

Let me know if you have any problems. - May 23 2004
Funny you should mention that... I'm currently in negotiations with the head developer to get Media-Detect integrated into lineak. It will probably be a little while before this functionality is part of that program, but it will happen (and believe me, I look forward to it).

Ideally, all the buttons on a keyboard will be configurable from a single, easy-to-use location, and you won't need a program like mine to make the keyboard respond intelligently, because that will just be a feature of the keyboard control module in KDE, like you mention. But I have no idea how soon that will occur.

I'm no programmer, and I wrote Media-Detect to scratch an itch. I don't have even the vaguest notion how complicated it might be to duplicate this script's features in lineak or in the keyboard module, so I'm just assuming at the moment it is VERY complicated, and basing my time estimates on that.

Does anyone from the KDE team want to help me with this? I'd love to be proven wrong. :) - Jan 23 2004
...frequent updates today. Every time I thought I had the package right, I realized LATER that I'd missed something (grabbed the wrong readme, wrong build of the script, etc...)

Oy, what a day... - Jan 15 2004
Problem solved in latest build. - Jan 04 2004
Warning! I just found a bug in the editor that wipes out all but the default Xmms configuration if you delete any configurations at all. I will try to fix it shortly, but in the meantime only delete configurations manually.

Adding new configurations is unaffected, and works normally. - Jan 03 2004
Firefox & Thunderbird icons

Icon Sub-Sets 29 comments

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Jul 07 2004
I won't download them. As an avid user of GPL (and other open-source-licensed) applications, I strongly respect the rights of copyright holders to do as they see fit with their creations, including the licensing thereof.

If you respect copyrights, I would suggest that you remove these. - Jul 07 2004 Quickstarter 2

Utilities 13 comments

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Jul 11 2006
Some content in the README or something other than generic INSTALL instructions might be nice... - Jan 16 2004

Board 15 comments

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Mar 03 2006
...people join. I really like this game. :) - Jan 09 2004
Keramik Pearl

KDE 3 Color Schemes 10 comments

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Nov 25 2003
I can't download the color scheme. I can get the png, though... - Aug 14 2003

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Aug 18 2003
Dude, you can't GPL someone else's artwork. Unless that image is public domain, it probably doesn't belong here. Even if it is, it probably isn't GPL. - Aug 12 2003
Dynamic Bar - Smooth Zoom

Karamba & Superkaramba 102 comments

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Apr 29 2003
You haven't editted the theme file or the python script. Both need to be edited to reflect your environment. There are only a couple of places where you need to do it, though, and they're very obvious once you look at the files. - Apr 30 2003
Looks great, but I was wondering if there's some way to have the theme automagically detect your current icon theme(s) instead of having to put that information in the python script manually.

Thoughts on this, anyone? - Apr 24 2003