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Dolphin Service Menus

Dolphin Service Menus 17 comments

by DaHoC
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Jan 27 2011
Thank you for your message.
I am also using Kubuntu 15.10 and Dolphin also showed no ServiceMenus for me.
I updated the description with instructions on how to install in KDE5/Plasma and a fix for Dolphin to show ServiceMenus which worked for me. - Feb 14 2016
Thank you! - Feb 24 2013
Corrected! - Aug 18 2010
I added your proposed changes, thank you! - Aug 17 2010

Dolphin Service Menus 9 comments

by DaHoC
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Aug 27 2011
Yes, you can also use mencoder, it should not be that difficult if you use this script as draft. - Sep 17 2011
hmm, I found the error and fixed it, for me it works fine again.
After copying the Servicemenu, dolphin needs some time (about 30sec. for me) to update to the new version, maybe try again?
Otherwise, I cannot reproduce the error and thus don't know what exactly the issue is... - Oct 07 2010
Thanks, I just fixed it! - Oct 07 2010
I changed the proposed name, and I also would like to have a progressbar, but that turned out to be rather difficult and is not included yet (I don't know if it's even possible actually) - Aug 21 2010

Groupware 93 comments

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Jun 25 2011
I'm using kmobiletools for a while now and I it is great (and has come a long way)!

I was wondering how I can access the signal strength and battery status bar from dcop, I can access most other things?
Also, are you also planning on switching to dbus? (I'm thinking of creating a plasmoid for kde4)

Keep up the good work!
- Sep 01 2009
Gimp Icon

Icon Sub-Sets 4 comments

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Mar 22 2007
omg, laughing my a** off!
Is that lego?
Very abnormal, although I think it does not do the GIMP honour :c)

still laughing...
Keep up the fresh work!! - Aug 09 2009

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by Sho
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Mar 28 2018
Yes, I have the same experience when running xine and then opening a Yakuake tab..

Yakuake is the greatest kde improvement, I can't live without it any more! :)

Great work! - Jun 16 2006
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Apr 20 2013

by ich666

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Mar 09 2012
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9   Apr 20 2013
KDE CDEmu Manager

System Software
by marcel83

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9   May 20 2012