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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by DavidEdmundson 47 comments

As the title said, I could compile and install, but no new effect has appeared int the control panel.

Is there anytnig I can do to debug it? Can I force it to load in the all effects tab?

I am in solydk (debian based) and kde 4.12.1 - Mar 04 2014
Task Timer

Plasma 4 Extensions by priomsrb 44 comments

I'll autorespond myself with a message from Feb 3 2011

"- Rename tasktimer.plasmoid to
- Extract
- The source code is in the contents/code/ directory" - Jan 21 2014
Task Timer

Plasma 4 Extensions by priomsrb 44 comments

Is there any repository or something like that from where I could fetch the sources? - Jan 21 2014
Task Timer

Plasma 4 Extensions by priomsrb 44 comments

I have exactly same bug.
I am running kde 4.8.4 on debian wheezy - Jan 20 2014
Web Snippet Plus

Plasma 4 Extensions by mitiao 1 comment

I'm Unable to change URL - Jan 15 2014
Meld Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by romankiefer 23 comments

I'm a KDE user so I don't have meld installed (I use kompare), so I made a kompare version (just find and reemplace meld with kompare).

This is the code in case yo would like to post it:

[Desktop Entry]
X-KDE-Submenu=Kompare menu
X-KDE-Submenu[de]=Kompare Menü
X-KDE-Submenu[es]=Kompare menú

[Desktop Action setArg1]
Exec=echo "%U" > /tmp/kompare-menu-arg1
Name=Set file/folder
Name[de]=Setze Datei/Ordner
Name[es]=Marcar archivo/carpeta

[Desktop Action diff]
Exec=ARG1=$(cat /tmp/kompare-menu-arg1);kompare $ARG1 %U;
Name=Compare with file/folder
Name[de]=Vergleiche mit Datei/Ordner
Name[es]=Comparar con el archivo/carpeta marcado

[Desktop Action selected]
Exec=kompare %U;
Name=Compare selected files/folder
Name[de]=Vergleiche ausgewählte Dateien/Ordner
Name[es]=Comparar los archivos/carpetas seleccionadas - Feb 27 2013