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Jan-Ole Schümann
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 453 comments

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Nov 03 2011
This is the message in english:

[code]# make
[ 7%] Generating kdialogd.moc
Scanning dependencies of target kdialogd3
[ 15%] Building CXX object kdialogd3/CMakeFiles/kdialogd3.dir/kdialogd.o
Linking CXX executable kdialogd3
[ 15%] Built target kdialogd3
Scanning dependencies of target pofiles
make[2]: *** No rule to make target `../kdialogd3/po/', needed by `kdialogd3/po/CMakeFiles/pofiles'. Stop.
make[1]: *** [kdialogd3/po/CMakeFiles/pofiles.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2
[/code] - Jun 11 2008
Thanks, there's nothing more annoying than GTK file dialogs. I need it especially for Firefox and gimp. - Apr 28 2006

Utilities 40 comments

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Apr 15 2010
The patch works, thanks ! - Mar 14 2008
Hi !

Thanks for gwenrename. As a Beta-version, it works quite good and is a really handy application.

However, there's one problem: I have tried it on a laptop with a screen resolution of 1024x768. The gwenrename windows is too big in vertical size, the OK button is under the panel. My solution is to set the windows as "keep above others", but this isn't very elegant.

Maybe you should redesign the interface of gwenrename to fit smaller screen resolutions. On big screens it works very good, so it shouldn't be changed too much. Maybe lowering the minimum hieght of the file-list would help, at least for 1024x768 screens. - Mar 12 2008
Font Installer

System Software 11 comments

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May 31 2006
Hi !

The download link is dead, could you please fix it.

Thanks ! - Oct 17 2007
Hyper Video Converter

Video Converters 69 comments

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Nov 17 2008
Thanks, that's better! - Oct 14 2007
Nice program, thanks !

Just one note: "You are making shit!" as an error message doesn't sound very professional, you may want to change this.

Also, I don't know if this is possible with ffmpeg, but a progress bar would be nice. - Oct 13 2007

Utilities 30 comments

by rexi
Score 67.1%
Sep 20 2009
Hi !

Thanks for this app, it's very useful for writing english texts.

However, I have a request for a visual change. Its often not clear to me when a search runs and when it's finished. I know there's the KDE-sign in the upper right corner that moves while a search is in progress, but I often don't notice it. Could you add a more visible cue that indicates wether a search is running or not ?

It's probably because the KDE sign is in the upper right corner, while I mostly look at the left and lower area. Moving the KDE-sign closer to the left side could help, also enlarging it. - Aug 17 2007

Science 71 comments

by beam
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Nov 03 2009
Hi !

First thanks for this great program !

I think I've found a bug: If you put a tab at the beginning of the comment-field, the contents is not saved.

Try this to reproduce the bug:

- Create a comment for a bibliography entry. Put a tabulator at the very beginning of the comment.
- Save the bibliography
- Close kbib
- Open kbib again. The comment field should be completely empty. - Aug 14 2007

Network 38 comments

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Sep 28 2006
Thanks for your help, but this doesn't help.

I don't want to configure wlan0 to auto and dhcp. It's a laptop and I use it and different environments, sometimes LAN, sometimes WLAN. If I use WLAN, the network parameters (ESSID, Key, Encryption) are different. So it would just sit there when booting trying to get an address via DHCP, which it can't get before configuring those parameters. That's why I'd like to use knetworkmanager.

Anyway, even if I configure wlan0 to auto and dhcp, it still doesn't show up in the list ("No network device found").

As the README.Debian states, it should also work if wlan0 is not in the "interfaces"-file at all.

The interface works without problems. I still use ndiswrapper, but I'm planning to upgrade the kernel sooner or later, where the driver for the bcm4318 is included. Configuring the interface using the Command line works (No Encryption/WEP/WPA). - Mar 23 2007
Hi !

I'm using a HD installation of Kanotix (basically a Debian Sid). I installed knetworkmanager with apt-get (apt-get install network-manager-kde). The version ist "0.1-4".

There were some errors, but as the README.Debian explained, adding the user to the group "netdev" solved the problem. Now I don't have any errors and knetworkmanager runs, but all it says that it doesn't find any interfaces.

My wireless card is wlan0. The README.Debian explains that it must not be listed in /etc/network/interfaces. Well, it's not.

I don't know exactly how knetworkmanager internally works. Where does it get its list of interfaces from ? And why doesn' t it show the device wlan0 ? - Mar 22 2007
Remove special characters

Dolphin Service Menus 13 comments

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May 09 2007
This is one of the little scripts that makes life easier ! Thanks ! - Mar 11 2007

Audio Extractors/Converters 608 comments

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Oct 01 2017
Thanks ! - Jan 16 2007
Hi !

I have one suggestion: Could you include some information about the backends in the readme? Some of them were very hard to find, for example I had no idea what shorten, ofr, ofs and gogo is. The hardest to find was lac, which really is "la". I think this is supposed to be lossless audio available at ?

At lease write out the abbreviations, lac was that hard to find because it's quite a common abbreviation. I only found it by doing a wikipedia search on "la". - Jan 15 2007
Thx ! - Jan 22 2006
The link to the source code for v0.2 beta 2 is broken :(. - Jan 22 2006

Network 805 comments

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Aug 20 2015
Same problem here (Kanotix HD installation).

To fix it open the file /usr/share/services/kded/knemod.desktop. There's a line


Change this to false.

Add the line

X-KDE-Kded-autoload=true - Aug 13 2006
This should be a KDE default feature. - Apr 05 2006

Science 39 comments

by tfry
Score 76.7%
Oct 20 2014
Although not very complete yet, keep up the good work. What's already there looks promising ! - Apr 27 2006
3gp movie wizard

Video Apps 60 comments

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Feb 21 2006
Great App, Thx ! - Feb 18 2006

System Software 1026 comments

by Sho
Score 86.7%
Mar 28 2018
Thanks, it works again ! - Sep 27 2005
Hi !

Works great so far, unfortunaltely the new version doesn't work with transparent backgrounds any more.

Version 1.0 did, 2.1 seems not to paint the background when a transparent schema is selected. So when the console comes down. I see the yakuake-bar painted over and over. I can work on the console though, but of course I don't see very much.

When I change the schema manually, it works. The problem is only there if a transparent schema is selected on startup of yakuake.

Does anyone have this problem too ?

I'm using KDE 3.4.2-3 on a Kanotix (Debian) System. I can provide a screenshot if necessary. - Sep 26 2005
Great application, thanks !

Definately the best kuake !

One suggestion: Call it something like yakuake, so people don't confuse it with the other kuakes available. - Sep 17 2005
Wireless Assistant

Network 287 comments

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Apr 03 2007
P.S.: Yet another idea: The problem that you can't ping google could also be solved by this script. Use the exit code of it as error code. For example 1 means there was an error connecting, 0 means everything is OK. - Aug 14 2005
Hi !

Wireless assistant is a great utility, thanks for this software !

I have one problem though: I have a PCMCIA-card with a rt2500-chipset. It works quite well, it just has a problem when it's only turned on very shortly, as wireless assistant does when scanning for networks. It just doesn't return any network when switched on that short.

I made a quick'n'dirty hack: I removed the ifdown-command from the scanning-subroutine.

Could you make this an option: Not to turn off the network card ? Or add some delay, for example scanning some seconds (5-10 ?) for networks ? The first option did work better for me though.

Another feature request is one that was already mentioned: Running a skript after connection, for example to start a VPN connection. - Aug 14 2005
Debian Moment

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 7 comments

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May 10 2004
- - May 11 2004
TuxSaver Mandrake RPM and Debian package

Screensavers 33 comments

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Oct 27 2004
Hi !

I have no sound running the screensaver. The strange thing is, I get no errors at all. It says playing Ocean.wav (I think it actually means Ocean.ogg, just the message didn't get changed yet), but there's no sound at all.

This is what I did/tried:

- I did not forget to unmute my soundcard, .mp3s play fine.
- Sound is of course enabled in the setup of the screensaver.
- Installed the .deb-package. Works perfect, but no sound.
- Enabled arts. Without arts, there's of course no sound. However with arts, there neither is. The test-sound in the control center works, so does xine with arts-plugin, and artsplay with .ogg-files.
- Removed the .deb-package and compiled from source. artsc-config is found. Works perfect again, just no sound.

As said above, there's no error message when running tuxsaver. Here's the output from playing Ocean.wav:

worldtime: 0.02
wavefile tuxsaver/sounds/Ocean.wav
playing wavfile /usr/share/apps/tuxsaver/sounds/Ocean.wav

I also tried to decode Ocean.ogg to Ocean.wav, in case tuxsaver really means .wav and not .ogg.

Any idea ? - Apr 19 2004