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Darth Vader Craiova, Romania
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Disk Manager

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Nov 20 2007
The Disk Manager is created on top of current Parted library...

The Parted ( the console app ;-) ) properly work in your system? - Nov 22 2007
A properly e2fsprogs devel package is needed for the parted API... - Nov 22 2007
Is the hwinfo header...

Install this package... - Nov 22 2007
Maybe some Qt headers (qlist.h) not installed?

You can read the Setup comments, from , to instruct for building this ALICE application under Debian, because the both utilities share a common code base. - Nov 21 2007
Please, use this build way:

./configure --prefix=/usr - Nov 21 2007
Sorry... But, this is a part of a very complex applications suite, named ALICE... Maybe, don't support -j4 and require single thread compile, because of this complex source structure, but, this application works harmfull! ;-)

And, of course, the source structure respect the original (ALICE) source structure on some parts, because the source tree use a pure SVN "bindings" (aka "externals") of really ALICE source tree... - Nov 20 2007 Setup

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Nov 20 2007
Well, the main objective of Setup is to be used on some Slackware based distributions as a visual (and smart) replacement of the original Slackware xorgsetup.

Of course, the all ALICE managers have the mission to create a visual configuration environment for theses distributions, i.e. Package Manager or Disk Manager...

But, in theses cases (some Slackware based distro's), the Setup is the main configuration application and isn't problems... - Nov 21 2007
Well... Dear,LocoMojo, on this case, You can think for our target: to replace the Slackware scripts with some high performance visual applications, without to lose the "users" experience...

Thanks You! Is, truly, our objectice to replace this script with our Setup utility... ;-) - Nov 20 2007
Of course!

The multi-monitor support is one of the objectives of Setup for rearching the 1.0 stone... - Nov 20 2007
1st time compiling fixes:

The compiler can't find the Qt headers...

Use this command, before compile:

On the Slackware like systems ( used for Setup development ), this is done automatically...

I work on a Ubuntu fixed new version, but, this is a emergency sollution... - Apr 30 2007
A idea!

Extract the tarball in to new ( and empty ) directory...

Create a directory "build" in the source tree...

Run "../configure"

Send my at , the "configure.log", if have build problems...

Thanks... - Apr 29 2007
Mister nethad, another opinion? - Apr 29 2007
Sorry! I not use the Ubuntu...

Please, consult a Ubuntu support forum, for installing the KDE "development" packages!

Supplementary, the OpenSuSE's hwinfo is required... But, I seem this port on Ubuntu... - Apr 29 2007
Seems like the used versions for development...

On the Debian like systems, the separately "devel" packages is required for aplications building...

Is this "devel" packages installed? - Apr 29 2007
This means as some environment mistakes...

Please, specify the distribution, gcc version and bare KDE and Qt version... - Apr 29 2007
the application is written from scratch and can be runned from console mode too( i mean not inside , u run xorgsetup and u get what the screenshots are showing) :D - Apr 26 2007