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David Vignoni Cesena, Italy

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by dave
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Oct 15 2004
Hi. It has been a long time I haven't looked at this page. I'm so happy to see Nuvola still that popular.

Well, Nuvola fans, I have a big news:

Nuvola will be in KDE 4 as an extra icon theme :) That means that I will probably do also some mantainence.


David Vignoni - May 01 2007
I've checked and Nuvola 1.0 is working, maybe links to older versions aren't working anymore, but in the download section nuvola 1.0 link is working.

Lush, I know isn't working, have to fix it. - Feb 15 2005
not yet, there are some old version included in te gnome-themes-extras package, available at - Nov 07 2004
This is not a firefox icon theme. This is to be installed as KDE system icon theme. - Nov 02 2004
thank you ;) - Oct 31 2004
I've made it - Oct 31 2004
I'm alone doing this with great passion, there is a mailinglist on my site to report "bugs" that I'll fix with next releases and patches. - Oct 22 2004
also, already fixed. :)
Nuvola 1.0 is upcoming next week hopefully if I don't found any important "bug". - Oct 07 2004
nuvola 1.0 fixes kopete and kmail dock, kmix dock will be the same and are changed all the most important docked icons, like korganizer and klipper, and they all fit well together. - Oct 07 2004
it's gentoo "Sans Serif" and I suspect it is the Bitstream Vera Sans font. - Sep 08 2004
are you who I think you are?
glad to see you here ;) - Sep 08 2004
this is a known bug and still unsolved.
I think appens to all icon themes installed by user. - Sep 05 2004
No I don't know. It is a well know bug and I think it happens with user installed icon themes. - Aug 31 2004
well, the gnome-themes-extra is a little outdated, I'll update it when I find the time. I was thinking if it was possible to do a png version for gnome using the latest icons of rc1 - Aug 21 2004
check this post: - Aug 18 2004
I've scaled down them intentionally.
This beacuse they were too big, they were touching the button frame in konqueror toolbar - Aug 13 2004
contact me by email.
nuvola is LGPLed icon theme. - Aug 13 2004
I'll release 1.0 as a full theme, fixes that will come later will use scripts. - Aug 12 2004
rc1 has many improvement from beta. Everybody has his own taste about icons but IMO new speakers are 1000 better, for quality, contrast, and dock better (start kmix to understand what I mean).

There is no change to change amarok icon, but I've most done that cause the original icon has a wrong orientation from other nuvola icons. - Aug 10 2004
I've scaled them down a little intentionally, I was thinking they were too big. If you see 16x16 still a more little than 22x22.

I personally use 22x22 with a screen resolution of 1600x1200 and I found them fantastic. - Aug 09 2004
This is a known problem since kde 3.2 changed its icon theme configuration file.

You can install Nuvola 1.0rc1 following the instruction reported in the link below: - Aug 08 2004
I also was thinking that, but I've tryed (you can look inside the theme) putting those icons but kde 3.2.3 still loading the default ones - Aug 08 2004
this is a problem, I don't know how to overwrite some docked icons. I mean:
"klipper", "kopete", "kgpg".

You may want join the mailing list about Nuvola on my site, to report bugs and opinions. - Aug 07 2004
Thanks! I've really put all my soul doing this.

About "arrows" icons, I'm very happy with them, only 16x16 maybe are not looking that good, but if you use 22x22 or higher for konqueror toolbar I think they looks perfect. - Aug 07 2004
ok, I'll install kde 3.2.3 before releasing anything - Jul 26 2004
I had planned a RC1 (hopefully last before 1.0) for the end of July, but I feel this will be delay one more week.

So most probably It'll be released in the first week of agoust.
bye - Jul 26 2004
yes you can. - Jun 30 2004
In my site there is a fix for those people using KDE versions older than 3.2 and were experiencing problems installing Nuvola. - May 31 2004
In my site there is a fix for those people using KDE versions older than 3.2 and were experiencing problems installing Nuvola. - May 31 2004

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by saki
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Nov 20 2005
Actually you can't say this is a NuoveXT clone because both are cloning new Windows Vista icons. At least this one clearly admit he's work is inspired on next Microsoft official icon set. - Nov 30 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 96 comments

by saki
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Dec 13 2005
I'm sorry to tell that actually that many icons are looking a lot like a rip-off from other icon sets: Folder design are too much close to latest Windows Vista previews (, , but it can also be a recursive rip-off of iTollbar Folders as you can see at It seems like your are also using the same desktop image used for the windows vista previews :) . The home icon is very much similar to Mac OS X home icon. You seems to have talent, you probably can came out with something more original if you want. It's normal take inspiration of other artwork and so, but this time the folders are just a copy of another artwork. - Sep 01 2005
aKademy 2005: summer time

Various Artwork 11 comments

by dave
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Mar 14 2005
well, the beach chair is the core of this design, removing it and putting something else is like doing another entry (but the contest is already closed).
It was asked to have and idea, possible something related to the location, and to make a logo, putting a gear or a Kde logo is not really a new logo, it's just the easiest thing to do. - Mar 14 2005
KDE-Look t-shirt

Various Artwork 5 comments

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Feb 02 2005
I would wear this one. I think it should rock better using the official KDE K logo.

Dave - Feb 11 2005
i-k Amarok icon

Various Artwork 26 comments

by dave
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Dec 09 2004
I understand this point of view.
Doesn't matter :) - Dec 16 2004
your point of view is right, I've posted it anyway since it's an "audio" icon and amaroK and "audio" application, and also because it's a good loking logo for an app.
But hey, I don't expect to win.

cheers - Dec 14 2004
my mum say it looks like a turtle :| - Dec 14 2004
Time Iconset

Icon Sub-Sets 12 comments

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Nov 15 2004
it should be nice to have this clock on the panel as analog clock. - Dec 15 2004
Amarok - Dark Wolf

Various Artwork 30 comments

by flow
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Dec 16 2004
seems I didn't mentioned those icons you have posted are just great :) - Dec 14 2004
but this are commercial apps. I feel amaroK is the KDE sound player application. - Dec 14 2004
interesting point of view. - Dec 14 2004
Tobacco Sky

GDM Themes 7 comments

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Nov 24 2004
love it. - Nov 25 2004

Icon Sub-Sets 45 comments

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Nov 01 2004
beautiful. keep up - Oct 28 2004
another kpdf icon

Various Artwork 12 comments

by mart
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Sep 13 2004
I think this is beautiful since it remember the acrobat icon in the little sizes, but in bigger sizes we can see the details and it's different from acrobat icon.

The only problem is the K (A) looks more like an "X", it should be cool for xpdf. - Oct 03 2004
Plastikfox Nuvola

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 42 comments

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Jun 02 2005
I don't think this is a good idea, since the home toolbar icon goes along with arrows, cancel, stop - Aug 31 2004
I've blogged about this theme and about mozillux on my website.

cheers - Aug 13 2004
Hello again, just installed.
Fantastic distribution, just a note, can you change the "nuvola" link in the credits to point to my homepage?

thanks again - Aug 13 2004
I was waiting for it :)
I'll link to it from my website ok? - Aug 13 2004
AKDC Beta3 preview 2(see changelog)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 357 comments

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Dec 20 2004
can't wait for beta2! - Aug 14 2004
Secure Password Generator

Security 10 comments

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Jul 28 2004
i was looking for an application like that just some days before its release at kde-apps. thank you - Jul 18 2004

Audioplayers 574 comments

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Aug 01 2011
This is the greatest player for KDE, I love it. I was fascinated by Juk but now I only use amarok. I'll include all necessary icons in final Nuvola release.

great player! - Jun 26 2004