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David Shrader , United States of America
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

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Sep 02 2017
rpm -qa reports 4.4.5 for the version for kde. Looks like it was last updated on Sept. 2nd.

I don't have the 1.1.1 rpm, but I still have the 1.1.0 rpm. I installed that and copied over the xml files from the 1.3.0 release, as you suggested. I still get the same behavior (works in plasmoidviewer, but not on the plasma desktop). However, I decided to reboot without shutting off cwp in plasma (I had tried this before, and it didn't change the observed behavior). When I logged in, cwp correctly displayed weather information for my location, and it continues to update at the interval specified in the settings. This isn't specific to 1.1.0, either. I did try this procedure with the 1.3.0 rpm and got the same results (weather info after a reboot).

Once working, I can change providers and locations and everything updates correctly. However, if I close the cwp plasmoid and restart it by the "Add Widgets..." dialogue, I get the same behavior as before (no updating/spinning circle).

So, it sort of works now. I'm not quite sure why (rebooting didn't work before, but, everything changes!). Does any of this information tell you anything?

Thanks again for this great plasmoid! I am glad that I can get it to work! - Oct 26 2010
I'm using the firewall that comes with a stock Fedora 13 install. I haven't had the need to change it. According to 'service iptables status', iptables is running.

However, this is a computer at work, so it is possible that something in the network has changed. This makes me want to ask, though, why would the request for weather info work through plasmoidviewer but not through plasma? I'm not that familiar with the inner workings of plasma; could they be that dissimilar in how they get info over the network?

Thanks again! - Oct 21 2010
The ones that I have tried the most often are and US (F). For, the code is usnm0179, and for accuweather, it is 87544. I have tried a few of the others, just to check (for example (F) with identifier 23705), but I get the same behavior.

Thanks! - Oct 20 2010

Recently, I have been unable to get cwp to work in plasma. Using plasmoidviewer, I found that some of the fields weren't being filled in correctly, so I updated to v1.2.3. Now, everything works as expected when viewed from plasmoidviewer. However, when run from the plasma desktop, I get the spinning circle, but nothing ever loads. Sometimes, I do get information for Brasille (the CWP settings' default, I think), but once there, the information never updates either. CWP has been in this condition for about a week now.

Any ideas? Thank you for a great weather plasmoid! - Oct 19 2010
Score 84.7%
Oct 20 2010