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Jan 05 2006
> But you are right, I doen't think that SPICE can offer this interactivity as your simulator does.

I thought about your ideas a bit more, and being able to use SPICE from ktechlab would be very useful. It's unlikely that I'll ever implement AC Analysis and other tools in ktechlab's simulator (for many reasons...), but as you say, these tools are needed for professional use. And as such tools aren't interactive anyway, it doesn't matter about them not being able to fit into ktechlab; one could, say, click on a "Perform AC Analysis", and have the results shown in a separate tab.

And above all, outputing netlist files and reading in results is pretty trivial to implement. So I'll think about it for 0.4 :) - Jan 06 2006
I'm out of ideas. All I can suggest is that you google for your error message ( and try the suggestions that are found.

Alternatively, maybe someone will make a SuSE package :) - Jan 05 2006
Hi alphacentauri,

What do you mean by SPICE support? Importing / exporting SPICE netlist files for simulation would be very easy to implement (just needs someone to do it ;)). Using an external SPICE simulator seems a bit strange though - it would remove the wonderful interactivity of simulation in ktechlab, which is fast approaching SPICE's feature-level anyway.

PCB support - it'll probably get implemented at some point as an option to export the circuit to an external PCB program. I haven't looked at this so I don't know how feasible it'd be.

AVR support - this question deserves to go in the FAQ (it gets asked lots). Quick answer: there's nothing available on linux that is directly suitable for ktechlab (simulavr++ seems to be the best avr simulator, but it would need lots of work to allow the simulation parts to be loaded as libraries as ktechlab does with gpsim). So if I get enough time / someone else has enough time to patch simulavr (or something similar), then AVR support can be implemented :)

Have a happy new year too! - Jan 05 2006
I don't have SuSE, so all I can do is a quick google search for the error - which suggests making sure "pkgconfig" is installed. - Jan 05 2006
Do you have gtk-2.0 library and development packages installed? - Jan 05 2006
*Most* of the stuff could probably use pure-Qt. Two exceptions that come to mind though are:
- KMDI for interface.
- Kate text editor.

Theoretically, it wouldn't be too hard to add some #ifdef's to switch the kmdi interface to a Qt one, but the use of Kate is too well integrated to chop it out (it offers stuff like multiple views of same document, boomark / breakpoint setting, etc).

So to answer your question - although it might be possible to add a configure switch or similar to build for pure-qt, you'd loose out on a lot of functionality, and it would be a lot of effort to allow it to build without kde. - Jul 15 2005
I'm using:
gcc version 3.3.5 (Debian 1:3.3.5-2)

I'm going to upload a minor release shortly to fix another compiler bug that some people are getting, relating to sigthread.h.

If you could give me a full compiler output (e.g. "make -i &> output.log", and email to then I can try and look into what is causing the problem and attempt to fix it.

Thanks - Dec 18 2004