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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 42 comments

by dbera
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Jan 17 2008
The /opt/kde3 path is non-standard so the build system probably does not know about it. You need to do something like adding it to /etc/ or set your LD_CONFIG_PATH. For some strange reason, the build system found the header files which are also in a non-standard location. I would suggest you google for LD_CONFIG_PATH or and figure out the right way to add the path to the linkers path. - Jan 26 2008
I dont see (not konq*.la) in the list above. - Jan 26 2008
You need the package containing - should be the same one with the konq*.h files. I think its something like kdebase-devel you should check with your distro. - Jan 25 2008
I changed the red bar to be blue ... or no wait, I think its the same colour as the active title bar colour on your desktop (dont remember since I am touching kbeaglear after a long time and I made the colour change quite a while back). Next time I tinker with it, I will try to add a colour palette for the bar. - Jan 18 2008
If anyone wants to do an icon for kbeaglebar (which I would much appreciate), here are the original beagle svgs
(they are under a reasonably free license, do whatever you want but dont abuse it :).

Anything not quite the same as in those files would do. Note that, the face of a beagle with a 'K' is probably taken by kerry (KDE beagle search app).
Thanks you advance. - Jan 18 2008
If you have the program appletproxy, then try from a konsole
$ appletproxy kbeaglebar
That will open a small window with the applet icon. See if that one crashes. If it crashes, then there will be some stacktrace on the konsole; paste them here or email them to me @
*** appletproxy is just a debugging tool. It will help you in getting a stacktrace where it crashed. The crash information can also be obtained if KDE crash handler starts or from ~/.xsession-errors file. - Jul 11 2006
Hmm... its a standard make install. I didnt change anything in the Makefile to affect this.
Looks like a debian coreutils bug to me. Please post here if they bounce back and say its the package's fault. - Apr 14 2006
Strange - there has been no known change in 0.2.3 to affect kbeaglebar! I will look into it.

Can you query beagle using other means ? i.e. other clients, beagle-query etc.
Run this from konsole
$ appletproxy kbeaglebar
this will open a window with the kbeaglebar icon in it. Submit a query using that. What is the output in the konsole ? - Mar 21 2006
Thanks for your comments. I indeed found a simple bug (slip of typing :P) which was making the query a blocking one. Watch for the next release ... it will be much smoother, will allow closing the menu while search is in progress and not hang the desktop. - Mar 11 2006
Unfortunately thats a property of any popup menu in KDE e.g. when the start menu is open, nothing else gets events. Thanks for pointing this out, I never noticed this before... though there is hardly anything do to help improve that.

In the unfortunate event that this occurs again, you can use
dcop kicker kicker restart
from a terminal to restart kicker (not sure if that works from a tty, but should).

The problem should be fixed in kbeaglebar itself. If you have the program appletproxy, then try
$ appletproxy kbeaglebar
That will open a small window with the applet icon. If it hangs, you can close the window to stop it :). If you can reproduce the hang, I would be glad to fix it. - Mar 09 2006
Your idea is on the right track. I have two answers for that:

1) Imagine you know you visited a kde-apps website on kbeaglebar, and it was a comments page containing the text konqueror. You want to reach this page ... quickly. If you know you can form a query to uniquely identify that webpage, count the effort for the applet and a webbased page.
For the applet, press ctrl-alt-space, type in "type=WebHistory kde apps kbeaglebar konqueror", pause for 1/2 sec, the results show up. You see the title of the webpages and the beginning of the url ... hopefully the webpage you want is within the top few. You scroll down with the cursor (since 1/2 second ago you were typing in the box, its easy to move the cursor) and hit enter. Done.

With the webbased approach, you need to open konqueror (or always have a konqueror open, which is same as not counting the ctrl-alt-space step), type the (same) query in search box, press enter. Locate the result as before and move your mouse to the result and click on the link.

The applet is for cases when you pretty much know what you are looking for and you are lazy to actually traverse links/folders/emails to find it.

2) When you need more information or more options, you need a specialized search interface. I believe a kio slave is a better option than a webbased interface, since the io slave will present results in a similar way and can be used in any dialogs, (even in alt-f2 dialog). There used to be a kio-slave for beagle (search on kde-apps) and there is one currently in development (its in kde playground svn, named kwest).

Hope I made my motivation clear. - Mar 08 2006
Ahh... fixed now. kde-apps doesnt allow more than 750KB and so the upload wasnt successful. The upload page didnt even show the error properly. - Mar 08 2006
I feared this would happen when I wsa writing the relevant code :(. Blame me for forgetting about it while I was testing. Thats a real annoying problem. I would definitely try to fix it in the next release.
Also, I am toying with the idea of showing the icons besides the filetype. My concern is fetching the icons would slow down display of results sometimes ... But I will look into it !
Thanks for your comments. - Feb 28 2006
beagle KIO slave

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 25 comments

by dbera
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May 13 2008
Ahh... its a cvs checkout. Try running
$ make -f Makefile.cvs
first, followed by ./configure etc.
Writing from memory, so I am not sure.
Good luck,
- d. - Feb 26 2006
Hi all,
kio-beagle wont build with the latest beagle (0.2.1). There was some change in beagle api which caused this. While this isnt difficult to fix, I am working with the developer of kwest to write a better kio-slave for clucene and beagle. The project is named "kwest" and its near the point of a release. kwest will provide bettern beagle experience, with increased robustness, ability to save searches and more query options.
I will link kwest release announcement here too ... so keep watching this space.
Till then, thanks for your patience.

- dBera - Feb 24 2006
That looks like some kind of autotools error (autoconf/autpmake stuff...). Did you run ./ first (you said you are using beagle CVS checkout, right ?)

Also, if you are looking for KDE client for beagle (to use KDE applications to open search results), search for 'yabi' in - Jan 06 2006
Valid points. A few minor comments: 1 & 2) They are not really true. Beagle is more of a search backend - they do have a gecko-based frontend (but you can also search using your webbrowser like Google Desktop Search). As for opening files, they *generally* use gnome-mimetype information to open hits but they can use KDE apps too (the version shipped in NLD does that). 3 & 4) With inotify and extended attributes things become real fast. And with current kernel having inotify and all modern filesystems having extended_attr, they are a very minimal minimum_requirement. If you dont like beagle indexing automatically, there are well defined tools and settings available to do manual indexing, indexing only certain directories etc. A side point: beagle has its strength in indexing desktop content. It can index files no doubt, allow searching among indexes over network, allows searching of contacts/appointments, weblogs, allows searching of browser history pages. I am not saying they are unique to beagle or cant be implemented in others, its just that beagle is in a quite mature stage now. Last of all, I am in contact with kio_clucene project guys and am trying to use his well written interface to search beagle index. If there is any second release of beagle-kio, it will in form of kio_clucene. Wish me luck. - Aug 31 2005
nobody is forcing you to :-).
seriously, its the free software world - like it use it, dont like it find something else or write your own. - Aug 31 2005
It seems to work for me. Anyway, adding an external link:

66ad8ac6ee0add0a4be74279ab7d4934 kio_beagle-0.2.tar.gz - Aug 31 2005
beagle is getting included in most distributions. But it is in a rapid development stage - so there might be some problems in installing and running it. The best place to check (apart from their web-site and mailing list) is the irc channel #dashboard on - Aug 30 2005
yaBi - beagle search client

Various KDE Stuff 31 comments

by dbera
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Feb 02 2006
Sorry you lost me :)
Are you talking about yaBi - which is a python script and has the usual kde dependencies and pykde ?
Or you are talking about beagle - which is a dependency beast ?
(I dont disagree either of the questions, btw)
I smell a klikable beagle in the air 8-P - Feb 03 2006

Some incompatibility between your KDE and PyKDE :( I dont have SuSE, so cant really help. Did you use a SuSE pykde-package or a generic one ? Maybe compiling PyKDE will help (its not that difficult to build).
You might also be able to get some more input in the pykde mailing list. The error happens in "import kio" and is _not_ a fault of yaBi, so pykde should be able to help. - Feb 03 2006
The segfault is weird unless it is the one you mention below. In future crashes, it will be helpful, if you run yabi with --debug parameter. Paste the output to some file and email it to me - I'll appreciate it. I posted 0.6.1 - which attempts at fixing the bug.

About debian packaging, I am exploring the python options for packaging. I dont want to take the autotools approach, its too complicated; I dont like the PyKDE extension either, since it means a dependency. If there are any suggestions, let me know. I have no prior experience in python packaging.
TIA, -d. - Feb 02 2006
There is a known bug in the code. Possibly the problems you are seeing are because of that. I have a fix for that, but I am waiting to finish some more changes. I will definitely put up another version by the beginning of next week. Please bear with me till that. - Feb 02 2006
Yup. yaBi is not _as_pretty_ as Best (or the upcoming beagle-GUI called Holmes). And the reason is totally my inability to design and handle aesthetics. The display area is designed totally using CSS (yabi.css). If anybody who knows some CSS and has better sense of UI design (I lack both of these, sadly) can contribute a better CSS file, that will be very helpful.

That aside, yaBi is order of magnitude faster than Best, and is able to provide KDE associations for results. At least these were the 2 main motivations.

If you want to remove all the gnome-ness ... you can actually build beagle without gnome-sharp and family. Read the last paragraph of
for more information.

Thanks for your appreciation,
- d. - Jan 10 2006
Integration into konqueror "sounds nice" but what would you like to see integrated ? beagle functionality (so tat you can search using konqueror ?) - there is a beagle kio-slave for that. Other than that, my imagination didnt give help any further :( (the "tab" part ? BTW, the tab idea was taken from metabar). - Jan 09 2006
Fist, yaBi is _way_way_ quicker than best (because pybeagle is fast and best relies on gecko which is slow).

Second, you are definitely not using beagle-0.1.4 (mentioned in the requirements). The counters are not reset, results not displayed are due to that exception which was fixed in beagle-0.1.4. Make sure your python-beagle bindings are from beagle-0.1.4 - Jan 08 2006
Do you have beagled running ?

1. You can use the command-line tool beagle-ping to see if beagled is running ?
(In future versions, I will add checking, starting and stopping beagled from yaBi).

2. If it is running, try the same query with command line beagle-query (the advanced query syntax for beagle-query is a little different; check it using beagle-query --help) and check the results. If you find no search results even with beagle-query and you believe that the query is correct, then you ran into sum new bug. Please help beagle by following it up in beagle-bugzilla

3. If beagle-query returns results but yaBi doesnt, double check the query syntax for yaBi (if possible paste both yaBi and beagle-query strings here). You might have found a yaBi bug, which is too bad and should be fixed asap. - Jan 08 2006
Do you have PyKDE installed ? - Jan 08 2006
Kat should be good too. Havent used it myself but from general perception. I started using beagle before Kat started and was able to workaround the gnome-only-feature of beagle ... hence stuck with beagle.

- d. - Jan 06 2006
Ahh ... thanks for showing the light :). Corrected. - Jan 06 2006
I forgot to mention, yaBi uses KHTML to display results and uses CSS for designing. Using CSS allows users to create their own designs for display search results, make it sort of infinitely skinnable. - Jan 02 2006

Browser 127 comments

by whilo
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Feb 25 2009
This happened to me for kblogger-0.3 as well. When the blog is published, title and body are switched.
e.g. check

"test blog from new kblogger" was used as the title and the currently_large_title was the text of the post. I doubt this is the intended behaviour.

I am using blogger API, URL as mentioned in the announcement. - Jan 10 2006