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Tim De Graeve Denderhoutem, Belgium
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Nov 02 2007
If you mean a website wher you can find lrc files.
Here are some:

But for moste of those websites the database is of lrc files is not so big.

Hope it helps you a little. - Dec 19 2007

I'm planing to have automatic download of LRC files from avrious sites (thanks for the link by the way). I have also plans for an integrated LRC editor in Amalyp.
In the mean time you can use Lrceditor-Amarok which you can find also here on KDE-apps. I modefied Lrceditor-Amarok a bit to make it work a bit easier and sent the modefied version to the author but I think he never updated it, so if you want the moddified version, just drop me an email at

PS.: the modfied version overwrites existing time stamps in stead of placing them before them. - Nov 06 2007
Auwch, I'm so used my forum isnever used I almoste never check it... I did. - Jul 17 2007
I'm glad you like it :)

As a mater of fact, the next version is able to search for the lyrics in the same directory as the playing song or in a list of given directory's.
You can already download RC1 on my website. But I think that by the end of the week I'll post the stable version.

The new version is also a bit more flexible with lyrics which aren't in the "correct" format.

You can find RC1 here:

And I also wrote a users manual which you can find here:

If you have problems with opening LRC files in a certain format, please send them to me and I'll see what I can do. - Jul 16 2007

I updated this error in my code, but this only will give you an error in a message box requesting for the KDE bindings.
I think you will need to install kdebindings3-python which you normally can find in Yast.

Let me know if you got it working. - Apr 09 2007

I think you tried to execute the wrong script. Actually this is a problem I didn't notice but it seemed that Amarok adds every file in the tar file on which the permission is set to executable to it's script list. It seems that the translations files where set to executable. I changed this, and the real script should be found in the Lyrics folder in the Amarok script manager.

Sorry for this problem. - Apr 08 2007
Thanks for the response :)

Actually I'm planing the functionality to synchronise your lyrics in version 0.0.5 of Amalyp. But I am interested to have a look at the code you have. But I already have some code ready for this purpose (I'ts already in the source code of Amalyp but isn't used yet).
I don't know if there are any people interested in the Amor functionality you sugest, but if they are I probably add it in later. It's a fact that at this moment I don't want to implement to much new features in the new versions of Amalyp, but every time some new functions and always make sure the code is stable.
Anyway I really want to finish this project as quickly as possible so that i can dump the Windows program I used to synchronise my lyrics.
I try to work as much as I can on Amalyp but I have also a website which is in need of an urgent remake. - Mar 31 2007

Utilities 4 comments

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Jun 02 2007

I just tried out your program and I like it very much, with exception of a few annoying things.
When the song is finished playing in Amarok the play button in your interface stays disabled. It would also be nice if the program tried to find out which encoding the files use you load, because if you don't know it yourself you have to try until you find the one that matches the file.
It would also be nice that if you had a shortcut key to go a few seconds forth and backward in the song so that you don't have to grab the slider if you where a bit to early when inserting a time-tag, and also overwriting the tag that's already there should be useful.

Well except from my comment I think it's a great program, and now I know I don't have to hurry to create the internal LRC editor for Amalyp :)

Thanks! - May 28 2007