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Jul 25 2013
Cool ! that's nice.
yes, the 'Get new stuff' lake of a visual feedback for the download. Sad to know even a simple 'wget' with terminal give more feedback than this GUI panel. User sometime can wait for hours for a corrupted download. It give me idea to add a bug report about it on the KDE tracker. - Aug 27 2013
Thanks ! I don't mind and I'm even happy about it. Thanks to GitHub , I don't have really to manage or pay the bandwith. So, an AUR package is fine. But as far as I know, everyuser can also install this Icon pack directly from KDE , with 'Get new theme' button under setting>appearance>icons. - Aug 27 2013
Oh ! Nice looking Debian :)
Thanks for your patience with git clone , and for the feedback. Also, real heros is Tiheum and his gorgeous Faenza. I just adapted it better to KDE ^ ^
I'll edit the page to write the git clone tips. - Jul 25 2013
Have you tried from a terminal with wget ?

Alternative is also git cloning :
git clone

All services you quoted are unfortunately making too much crap with adv, counting down, and cracks . I can't use systems I don't consider ethic. - Jul 25 2013
I just pushed the pack to GitHub , with also cleaning the license and made of it a real open-source project.
GitHUB can generate Zip on the fly of the master copy. I'll give that a try . Thanks for being around. - Jul 24 2013
Hey, thanks for the suggestion, but I think Mega / Fileupload and other service needs click approval or a countdown before downloading, and this would break the requirement of direct link to the tar.gz made for GetHotNewStuff KDE integration :-/
- Jul 24 2013
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Jul 26 2013
It was a fun experimentation little time.
I also confirm the 'Ubuntu' binaries runned perfectly on my Mint KDE 14 ( based on 12.10 ) 64bit.
- Jul 22 2013
Wacom Control Panel

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Jun 02 2011
That's a good news ! - Oct 22 2011
I very like this GUI for wacom tablets. For future features is it planed to bring a tab for configuring the 2 buttons of the stylus ? and about Cintiq and TabletPC , a calibration tool too ?
Thanks again for the cool soft. - Jun 22 2011
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Aug 01 2012

by trialuser

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Aug 01 2012

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by paudelanup

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