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michael de hart , Netherlands
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New Improved Inkscape Tool Icons

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Mar 31 2013
He thanks for your reply, I am using Ubuntu 13.10 as well.
I found out what the problem was.
When you click the download button it downloads a files called 155138-tools.svg
I renamed it to icons.svg after placing it in ~/.config/inkscape/icons and it worked like a charm :-)
You should add this in the description for others - Feb 15 2014
These icons look great, much more remember-able then those colorful images that are the default.

One question: How do I install this?

I placed the file into ~/.config/inkscape/icons but nothing happens.

- Feb 05 2014
GIMP toolbox like Photoshop

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Jun 26 2013
May I suggest the following scallable vector graphics: - Jan 24 2014
It was turned off. I got used dragging the image around by holding the space-bar.

You can turn it back on by going to:
Edit -> Preferences -> Appearance
There should be a "Show scrollbars" checkbox ;) - Aug 12 2013
Sorry to disappoint you but the icons are just peaces I cut out from screenshots I found on Google and alfa blended with GIMP . I don't have them in better quality.

My next work will probably be a theme with scale-able SVG's

I found a great set here:
but I think the work never got finished.
I asked for it in a comment :)

- Jun 27 2013
Thanks for the feedback.
I added the perspective clone tool icon and updated the installation instructions. - Jun 26 2013
Winamp 5 Skin For XMMS

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Aug 02 2004
I like the winamp skin very much :)

It really gives the look and feel like you are using winamp, just one thing, my cursor doesn't change when i go to the lower right corner of the playlist to resize it.

Is that fixable? - Sep 07 2007
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May 26 2007
First of all: Very nice skin!

I noticed that in your screenshot, you have GTK widgets. I have these square grey things that look like crap, even with 0.97b

how do I change that? - Jun 27 2007
Doodle Blur

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by Malet
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Jun 19 2007
Nice wallpaper I like how the ubuntu logo is very sharp on top of that blurryness.
great job! :) - Jun 19 2007
Iris Light

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by Xylon

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9   Feb 19 2014
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9   Feb 19 2014
Victory Gtk Theme

GTK2 Themes
by newhoa

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9   Oct 16 2010