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Donatas G. Vilnius, Lithuania
Dropbox ServiceMenu

Dolphin Service Menus by hash87 124 comments

The public url functionality is gone at least in Kubuntu 13:10 (and perhaps even in lower version) because of this problem:

Could you look into it? - Oct 30 2013

Board by korobAn 6 comments

This one is built on Ubuntu 12.04:

By the way, is the game localizeable? I would gladly translate it to Lithuanian. - Dec 15 2012
Application Name Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by ilpianista 44 comments

Somehow LibreOffice document name and application name are not displayed. Any ideas why?

Damn, that is what I needed the most! - Oct 19 2012
Dropbox ServiceMenu

Dolphin Service Menus by hash87 124 comments

I also get this error - it would be good if somebody fixed this problem. - Oct 06 2012

Utilities by just-free-man 48 comments

Well, that was actually easy, though not according to included instructions.

I have created a deb package using checkinstall (again, it will not warn you of dependencies, and will probably only work with kde 4.6 on Kubuntu 10.10):

The procedure for compiliation is the following (do not follow the one in COMPILING file, it is incomplete):

# check out the current sources (method below) or maybe just download the tarball...
svn checkout kdeplasma
cd kdeplasma
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` ..
sudo make install - Apr 20 2011

Utilities by just-free-man 48 comments

How do I compile the KDE plasmoid? Could someone offer a step-by-step guide?
- Apr 17 2011

Utilities by just-free-man 48 comments

I have converted the 0.13.1 rpm to a deb using alien...

It seems to be working on my Ubuntu 10.10 workstation. But it will probably fail to warn you if you are missing any dependencies, so be sure to install the current ubuntu package from repositories before installing this one on top. - Apr 17 2011
UFW KControl Module

System Software by CraigD 48 comments

This is a great utility!

I installed a package for Ubuntu Natty on a Maverick system, so the placement of the kcm module might be outdated, but it is strange that the module is placed as a separate entry under "System administration" heading.

I think it is network related, so it should perhaps go under "Network and Connection " heading and perhaps – under "Network Settings"? - Apr 09 2011
Activity Manager Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by aavci 33 comments

Anyone cares to make an ubuntu package?

I like the idea of this plasmoid a lot... - Jan 29 2011
Veromix - volume control / soundmenu

Plasma 4 Extensions by nik3nt3 269 comments

Is this plasmoid localizeable? If so – how do I do that? - Nov 20 2010
OCR using Tesseract

Dolphin Service Menus by dgvirtual 12 comments

Here is how it is done on command line: using hocr2pdf utility from exactimage package. However, you have to use cuneiform ocr to get the text file. You can also google for two utilities that automate this process (again, using Cuneiform): pdfsandwitch and pdfocr.

Unfortunately, not all is well with the international characters: the embedded lithuanian is effectively stripped of all specific national characters... But English pretty much works! - Oct 29 2010
OCR using Tesseract

Dolphin Service Menus by dgvirtual 12 comments

Thanks for reporting this. I really do not know if I had done correctly the installation part – I cannot install ANY service menus on my Kubuntu 10.04 with KDE 4.5.1, so cannot troubleshoot that. All I know is that it installs once you unpack it and run ./, and uninstalls running ./, so it kind of should work..

Re the other problem – could you try simply running "tesseract yourfile.tif youroutput -l spa" (if it is not a tif, convert it to tif somehow) and see if it works. Maybe the problem is in tesseract? if it works on simple tif with spanish, does my service menu work on simple tif? If not, could you please email me the modifications you made in the script and your test image? My email is in readme.txt in the package.

By the way, what is your locale? Does it work if you change your locale to english? - Oct 04 2010
OCR using Tesseract

Dolphin Service Menus by dgvirtual 12 comments

Right, there is no language "ger" in tesseract, but tesseract is so much underdeveloped that it does not tell you that.

And for me it works both in console and through the menu... So I am not sure what the problem is. Maybe you made a mistake when modifying the *.desktop file – try it using english language (the one, I assume, you did not modify) – if it works, then there is a mistake in the german part :) Could you please review it, and if you do not find any fault – post it here?

By the way, the output you get on that file is not the best since the image is not sharp enough for tesseract. I opened it with gimp and applied threshold – i immediately got a sharper picture and consequently – better results.

You can also modify the image using this command:
convert diplomanmeldung.jpg -threshold 45% -monochrome diplomanmeldung45.jpg

The threshold percentages will vary depending on the image...

Here are results with your original file:

Here is the modified image:

And the results with the modified image: - Sep 16 2010
OCR using Tesseract

Dolphin Service Menus by dgvirtual 12 comments

ok, lets troubleshoot...

First, check if imagemagick is installed – it has a tool "convert" that is used in the script. it can be done in Debian thus: "dpkg -l | grep imagemagick" – if it outputs the name and version of imagemagick, then this is more than a missing dependency problem...

Could you then send me an image that does not work? And also:

1. list of instaled tesseract packages (in Debian can be obtained running: "dpkg -l | grep tesseract")

2. output of running from the console on the image you send me?

The command should be run this way:

" eng your_image.png"

my email is in every file of the service menu... - Sep 16 2010

Network by deuteros 113 comments

Does the current KDropbox work with the beta releases of dropbox for linux, featuring selective sync and lan sync? - Sep 08 2010

Audioplayers by jamboarder 123 comments

.. and I would really like it to replace dragon player as the default player for KDE. It is so nice you try to integrate into it the base KDE technologies... What about other integration stuff, like the KDE menus, configurable shortcuts and other stuff? - May 15 2010
Dropbox ServiceMenu

Dolphin Service Menus by hash87 124 comments

dropbox.desktop file with Lithuanian translation is available from here:

And a suggestion: I guess „share this folder“ option should be available only for mimetype „folder“. To implement that you would need to create a separate desktop file for it and specify that it should be only available for that particular mime type. There are lots of examples of how to do that in the standard service menus distributed with KDE. - May 15 2010
OCR using Tesseract

Dolphin Service Menus by dgvirtual 12 comments

In general it is possible in Linux – I heard you can use a gtk+ program [url=]gscan2pdf[/url]. It has Tesseract-OCR as a possible dependency.

However, I am not sure how it is done on command line, therefore – not sure this function can be integrated into these service menus. - Mar 10 2010

Network by marashz 10 comments

Nice to see my home country programmers developing for KDE. Keep up the good work! - May 12 2009

Browser by greghaynes 6 comments

Thank you, that helped, now I can use it. I have uploaded a debian package for Ubuntu Intrepid created by checkinstall to: - Apr 12 2009

Browser by greghaynes 6 comments

well, i did that... I do have the kdelicious executable in /usr/lib/kde4/ and other files in
ls /usr/share/kde4/apps/khtml/kpartplugins/
khtmlkttsd.desktop khtmlkttsd.rc plugin_kdelicious.desktop plugin_kdelicious.rc

So I guess it is all in the right place...

Could you add a screenshot for me to see, where should I find the new functionality in Konqueror? - Apr 10 2009

Browser by greghaynes 6 comments

I built and installed it - could even share the *.deb for Ubuntu 8.10 (produced by checkinstall) - but how do I use this plugin?

Nothing seems to have changed in Konqueror... - Apr 09 2009

Financial by willy9 91 comments

What is this app like, compared to kmymoney? - Feb 25 2009

Network by tpatzig 84 comments

Yes, those would be extremely appreciated. - Jan 20 2009
yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

Plasma 4 Extensions by PlasmaFactory 1198 comments

I can confirm that problem. Please find screenshot

Also, is it possible to have a default theme that takes the settings from the desktop theme (be it oxygen, sylicon, what have you)?

Great plugin. - Dec 12 2008
Oxygen Wordpress Theme

Various Stuff by gskbyte 12 comments

Hi, your theme is really cool, I intend to use it for KDE lithuanian language translation project. However, it has a problem with internationalization: it uses different placeholders that do not support internationalization...

If I went through the theme to add proper tags (they will look like the default themes tags), will you add that to your theme? - Sep 01 2008

System Software by Altmenorg 21 comments

"Ignore" - perhaps means "run without administrative privileges"? - Jan 25 2008
KIO Slave appinfo:/

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by hoganrobert 8 comments

It is a definitely good idea. Keep on this good work. - Jan 04 2008

Chat & Messenging by Ower 25 comments

Does it use it's own protocol, not some protocol like win popup?

If so, do you expect your protocol to be adopted by other apps? - Aug 28 2007

Network by Viras 122 comments

Would it be possible to have ktrafficanalyzer to count the network traffic specifically for a specific period of time? Say, I have a limited internet access during the peek hours from 6 AM to 6PM (100 mb per month) and unlimited access from 6 PM to 6 AM. extra megabytes cost me a lot of money during the peek hours so I need to watch if I have not ecceeded the limit just during those hours.... Would it be possible to make such an option in ktrafficanalyzer? - Apr 12 2007
Oasis XML Tools

Dolphin Service Menus by jmsanchez 4 comments

I found that if I run it not as an sh shell script, but as a bash script, the error does not happen. So, the script must be a bash script actually, and you need to correct the shebang reference at the start of the script.

Here are also the needed mime types for Kubuntu Edgy to add to *.desktop file:


add them at the line ServiceTypes=

I have also added other open document mime types, but am not sure if it is needed for anyone, or - if it works:


Good luck! - Mar 01 2007

Dolphin Service Menus by mdhirsch 2 comments

Hi, nice little menu.

If you could make the script accept the first parameter as size of the image, and all the rest - as image names, you could change the menu to have submenus with different sizes to convert to. As well as put it under the "Actions" menu :)

I did it the more primitive way - by creating separate scripts for each size and modifying the menu like this:

You can use that script modification if you like it :) - Jan 26 2007

PDF Software by misuj1am 60 comments

Could you send me ( all your /debian/ directory? I would check it out. - Jan 20 2007

PDF Software by misuj1am 60 comments

its empty. and the address you give is wrong - Jan 20 2007
FALF Player

Audio Apps by amdfanatyk 118 comments

Seems to be a little nice player. The tabs are cool - you can see all your favorite playlists at once and switch easily. Keep up the good work.

(BTW, I am using Ubuntu Edgy, and had to convert Fedora rpm through alien to install it. Works flawlessly, - so far :). - Jan 12 2007
Oasis XML Tools

Dolphin Service Menus by jmsanchez 4 comments

I installed the menus but they do nothing.

When I run from command line, I get the following:

dg@pieva:~/Dokumentai$ telekomui.odt content
/home/dg/bin/ 5: Syntax error: Bad substitution

Is there a syntax error in

Moreover I had to add "application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text" to ServiceTypes= string in the .desktop file to get it to recognize not just the old OpenOffice format but the real Oasis Open Document text format (other OD types have to be added as well). It may be peculiar to Ubuntu, but I doubt it. - Jan 07 2007
3gp movie wizard

Video Apps by dsvilko 60 comments

Hi, when I try to compile ffmpeg using the script install-ffmpeg, it fails to create the file ffplay. I am using todays svn source of ffmpeg. It does produce ffmpeg and ffserver binaries...

What is the problem? - Jan 02 2007
3gp movie wizard

Video Apps by dsvilko 60 comments

Same goes for me. When run from Konsole the script 3gpwiz says it requires a filename as second argument. I post the output below, is this output what it should look like?


dg@bala:~$ 3gpwiz
read Foutput=
read Skbps=
read Skbps2=
read Fsubtitle=
read Ffont=
read Escale=
read Ssplit=
read Egain=
read Eopt=
read Sgamma=
read Scontrast=
read Sbrightnes=
read Ssaturation=
read Tsplit=
read Tsubtitles=
read Gcrop=
read Efps=
read Etitle=
read Teq=
read Lsource=
read Tskip=
read Tvolnorm=
read Tmp4=
read Taac=
read Tdir=
read Ftmp=
read Fffmpeg=
read Esh=
read Esw=
read Ecfactor=
read Ezfactor=
read Tflip=
read Tcad=
3gpwiz ver. 1.0 (C) Domjan Svilkovic
Convert any movie format to a 3gp movie, suitable for watching on a mobile phone.
Syntax: 3gpwiz source_movie
... where source_movie can be either a filename or a dvd://title - Jan 02 2007
K750i / W800 / D750 Amarok Control Profile

System Software by tnt 9 comments

Hi, today I tried it again and it worked! That is great!

Thanks for this wonderful page. - Nov 09 2006
K750i / W800 / D750 Amarok Control Profile

System Software by tnt 9 comments

Or, maybe you could write down exactly how to check if the phone is really sending something to computer, and, which button on the phone screen emulates which keyboard shortcut? That would help a lot... - Sep 17 2006
K750i / W800 / D750 Amarok Control Profile

System Software by tnt 9 comments

I sent your file to my SE z520i and it seems to be working, except that it does not affect Amarok itself... I guess I have global hotkeys configured incorrectly, but I don't understand how to do that correctly.

Could you elaborate on defining global keys? Where and how do I configure that? In Kcontrol > regions and accessibility > hotkeys > global hotkeys i see no way to configure something for amarok... I do not understand what you mean by " If you already defined global hotkey in amaroK, just set the remote keys to the 'alternate' global key."... - Sep 17 2006
DVD Rip-O-Matic

Video Apps by meneerdik 125 comments

How do I choose subtitles to rip? I guess this feature is not implemented yet, but it would be nice.

Also, how about a feature that copies the dvd disk to the hard drive? Ohterwise, I have to keep the dvd disk in the drive for four hours and that is annoying. - Aug 07 2006

System Software by jrfaller 87 comments

Something like this happens to keep also when you try to place backup dir in a windows formatted fat32 drive.... - Jul 12 2006
simple bluemote konfig

System Software by polrus 28 comments

Can anyone help me contact the bluemote author? The contacts liste in his page are obsolete.

My email is - Jul 11 2006
DVD Rip-O-Matic

Video Apps by meneerdik 125 comments

I also get this error sometimes (on Kubuntu Dapper). I have all the programs installed and can rip some dvd's, but not all.

In some cases, even though I can play a dvd disc with both kaffeine and kmplayer, DVD Rip-O-Matic just says it cannot find dvd's.

If I can be of any help solving this problem (supply some error logs, command outputs, etc), please let me know. It is a great app! - Jul 03 2006

Security by theanimal666 38 comments

Thank you Chris,

could you perhaps refer me to a source that would list the ports that the programs on Linux most often use?

In case I create some valuable improvements to the file you mentioned, I would forward my work to you as well :) - Feb 15 2006

Security by theanimal666 38 comments

I think KMyFirewall needs an easy way to add protocols to the protocol library. Because now, if I want to add edonkey or gnutella protocols, the only thing to do is to go into editing iptables themselves.

But I like it - since, to compare to Guarddog, here you can set a general policy, and then make exceptions. Hate to check all the protocols in Guarddog... - Feb 15 2006

Browser by whilo 127 comments

I got it working when I upgraded to WordPress 2.0. The blog-id - perhaps it is just the title of the blog, it works for me...

A simple and great tool, though more options would be good too. At least the assignment of categories... - Jan 24 2006

Browser by whilo 127 comments

Here is the exact error message, that I get twice: "Server responded with an error. Please check your account settings and your blog id."

My blog id so far is the title of my weblog.... - Jan 11 2006

Browser by whilo 127 comments

What is blog-id, anyway? I have my wordpress user name, password, the API (metaWeblog API) the right (i guess) path to the blog library (, but I cannot figure out the blog-id part. And I do get an error message, nothing gets posted...

I am using wordpress 1.5.3 and kblogger 0.4 (source install) with KDE 3.5 on Kubuntu. - Jan 11 2006
Application Name Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions
by ilpianista

Oct 19 2012

by tfry

May 31 2011
UFW KControl Module

System Software
by CraigD

Apr 09 2011
Activity Manager Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions
by aavci

Jan 29 2011

Office Apps
by b0noI

Dec 05 2010

by denisq

Sep 21 2010

System Software
by siv

Sep 02 2010
Grouping Desktop

Plasma 4 Extensions
by giucam

Aug 17 2010
May 29 2010

by deuteros

May 29 2010

by jamboarder

May 15 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions
by nik3nt3

Apr 27 2010
OpenDocument Thumbnail plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by arielch

Sep 15 2009
Apr 09 2009
fsrunner for KRunner

System Runners
by andersaa

Mar 03 2009
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Plasma 4 Extensions
by mjmccans

3   Jan 22 2011