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by koral
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Dec 08 2009
-outdated - Aug 29 2018

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Jul 18 2011
where is the source code ?

Why not to integrate this tool in digiKam source code ?

Gilles Caulier - Oct 11 2010

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by sars
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May 20 2008
Since kooka interface have been removed with KDE4, we need to have an alternative to provide a scan interface for digiKam & others kipi hosts applications.

Kipi-plugins and digiKam have been started to port under KDE4. I would to see your application integrated in the AcquireImage kipi-plugin as well to remplace current kooka depency.

What do you think about ?

Gilles Caulier - Jul 03 2007

Utilities 7 comments

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Sep 15 2006
And now the GPSSync kipi plugin is now complete and fully suitable with digiKam: - Sep 27 2006
A new kipi plugin name GPSSync is avaialble into KDE svn trunk and ready to test with digiKam.

Fore details, look my commit in reporitory at this place: - Sep 21 2006

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by asdex
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Nov 07 2006
Not yet. I need to investigate indeep to support noise profile. I will do it later than the next 0.9.0 release. - Mar 16 2006
In next 0.9.0 digiKam release, the noise reduction tool will be updated and will provide an advanced noise editor like "Noise Nija" program.

A preview is available here :

Nota digiKam is GPL, Bible no !!! - Mar 14 2006
golden field

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Jul 06 2005
Try to use my digiKam plugin to refocus your photograph like this : A nice day - Jul 06 2005
Try to use my digiKam plugin to refocus your photograph like this : A nice day - Jul 06 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 15 comments

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Jun 21 2005
Try to use Showfoto image Editor/Viewer from digiKam project. It's a viewer like Kuickshow, and an image editor dedicaced especially for photographers. Showfoto come from digiKam project and support digiKam image editor plugins. You can take a look about last digiKam/showfoto screenshots at this url : digiKam image editor plugins project page can be seen here : Gilles Caulier digiKam project - Jun 22 2005

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Sep 29 2005
Tagging images feature is planed in Digikam 0.7.0 for later summer.

Regards - Apr 14 2004

Graphic Apps
by koral

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3   Aug 29 2018

by Noughmad

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9   Dec 17 2010