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Lyrics Manager

Amarok 1.x Scripts by msan 53 comments

I must be missing something very obvious here, but I can't see what.

Running amarok, clicking on Collections from the left sidebar. This gives me a list of the albums it has in my collections. I click on one of them so that the songs in that album appear in the panel on the right hand side.

At this point I right click on any or all of the files (it doesn't matter) and choose the Lyrics Manager from the menu.

But it doesn't matter what option I choose. For any of them, I get a message:
This music file is not in your Collection!

I checked through all the comments here, old and new but didn't spot anything that might be relevant. I also can't find any documentation (no, the code is NOT documentation) for this, so I'm at a loss? I've been experimenting, but I'd love any tips at this point... - Sep 20 2006
Lyrics Manager

Amarok 1.x Scripts by msan 53 comments

I can't quite tell from this writeup. Does this utility use the USLT tag in id3v2 to write out the lyrics to? Or is this more of a meta association, pulling up lyrics in the browser while playing?

I want to get USLT tags set up so I can export to the iPod.

thanks! - Sep 19 2006