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Jan 07 2010
Try upgrading your ffmpegthumbnailer library to the latest version. The latest release fixed a memory leak. - Jan 26 2011
I can't change the sizes, kffmpegthumbnailer simply supplies the thumbnails in the dimensions requested by dolphin, ... - May 21 2010
Remove line 32 in kffmpegthumbnailer.cpp and recompile - Mar 05 2010
No you failed to install the ffmpegthumbnailer library properly. Just wait to install the new version untill ubuntu updates the ffmpegthumbnailer package. - Feb 06 2010
Just keep using the old version, there is no reason to upgrade. - Feb 06 2010
This is my output

Notice how it checks for ffmpegthumbnailer in the end, which doesn't happen on your machine. Don't have a clue why. - Jan 20 2010
Show me the output after installing the libs. did you run cmake again?

Also: try removing the --no-undefined linker flag - Jan 20 2010
For some reason -lffmpegthumbnailer is not in your ldflags.

what does "pkg-config --libs libffmpegthumbnailer" output on your system? - Jan 19 2010
As long as ubuntu doesn't upgrade ffmpegthumbnailer, use version 1.0.1 of kffmpegthumbnailer. There is no difference between 1.0.1 and 1.1.0 only compatibility with ffmpegthumbnailer. - Jan 09 2010
Do you have g++ installed?

sudo apt-get install build-essential - Jan 08 2010
Glad it works, it was indeed the greek names that were causing troubles. - Dec 28 2009
You can't "disable" ffmpegthumbnailer. It's just a binary on our system. Did you enable kffmpegthumbnailer like ssuominen said and are you using dolphin? - Dec 26 2009
Great! Thanks - Dec 24 2009

Audioplayers 12 comments

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Apr 13 2010
You need lastfmlib 0.3.0 - Jul 31 2009
This seems to be a problem that happens on some filesystems. I implemented a fix in svn and when I get confirmation that it works I will release an updated version. - Jun 26 2009
What doesn't work? - Jun 25 2009
This is fixed in svn and will be included in the next release candidate. - Jun 25 2009
You need to have the c++ version of the library installed, not just the c version. - Jun 25 2009

Telephony 2 comments

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Sep 03 2008
This app doesn't have any gnome dependencies. Other feature is phone browser. - Nov 16 2008