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Jan 19 2007
Can you fix your versioning scheme? It's quite confusing because in the SF project page, there's a 0.1-rc1 tarball, here, there's a 0.1.1-rc2 tarball. And yet, the version number in this KDE-Apps entry is 0.1.1. So which one is it?

BTW, you just drop the RC tags since I doubt this is already at RC-quality. Also, if you have a 0.1-rc1 release, the next RC should be 0.1-rc2, if the version number itself changed, then you should use an alpha or beta tag rather than an rc tag. e.g.: 0.1.1-beta1, 0.1.1-beta2, 0.1.1-rc1, etc.

Anyway, just drop the RC tag. - Jan 31 2007
Arch Linux with Kickoff and Beryl

KDE Plasma Screenshots 6 comments

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Jan 28 2007
Haha! So it's you! Great work on your kdemod packages. Keep it up! - Jan 25 2007
Nice screenshot. I see you're using my kdeicons-oxygen-svn package for Arch. ;-)
BTW, you're using the kdemod packages of funkyou right? - Jan 25 2007
Kubuntu with Suse Kickoff Edgy Elf 6.10

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 52 comments

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Feb 21 2007
Can you post your .dsc and .diff.gz? - Dec 16 2006

Audio Extractors/Converters 606 comments

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Oct 01 2017
Shouldn't you be aiming for a 1.0 release already? :) I think soundKonverter, in its current state, is almost feature-complete (from what is expected of an audio file converter). Also, KDE 4 is just around the corner and its APIs are 'almost' stable, if not stable. I'm looking forward to seeing a soundKonverter 1.0 release for KDE 4. Just some motivation... ;-) - Dec 16 2006
Hi. I think it would be better if you tag your release tarballs with the same version you put in here. What I mean is that, for instance, in your 0.3rc1 release, your source tarball is named as soundkonverter-0.2.95.tar.bz2. Can't it be named as soundkonverter-0.3rc1.tar.bz2 to avoid confusion? (Also, it wouldn't confuse users as well as packagers)

By the way, just an observation, I think you're rushing to make a 0.3 release. :-) I thought of that since the previous release before 0.3rc1 was an alpha. There wasn't even a beta... But I guess this release is worthy of being called an RC because of the sheer amount of bugs fixed. Keep it up! ;-) - Dec 16 2006

Video Apps 26 comments

by RaulE
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Nov 06 2006
You could actually develop KDE4 apps now since the KDE 4 API is now relatively stable. - Nov 28 2006

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Mar 04 2014
Hi. Since K3DSurf (0.6.0) now build successfully under Arch, I've already uploaded my PKGBUILD in AUR. I hope you could put a link here. Thanks!

By the way, there's some minor "bug" (well, it's not technically a bug) that I've noticed. You forgot to update the version in the caption string "K3DSurf v0.5.6 : Math for Fun" in src/k3dsurf.ui - Nov 27 2006
I don't think that a QT4 installation would be a problem. In my case, QT3 profile is sourced before the build process. To verify this, I've temporarily uninstalled QT4, then retried the build process. I also don't see why it can't link to the QT3 libs. - Oct 07 2006
g++ -o ../bin/k3dsurf main.o panel.o Matrix3D.o IsoMatrix3D.o Model3D.o fparser.o edit.o Matrix4D.o Matrix5D.o videoplayer.o Matrix6D.o Iso3D.o IsoPanel.o k3dsurf.o newwindow2.o IsoWindow.o moc_panel.o moc_edit.o moc_videoplayer.o moc_IsoPanel.o moc_k3dsurf.o moc_newwindow2.o moc_IsoWindow.o -L/opt/qt/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lqt-mt -lXext -lX11 -lm -lpthread
panel.o: In function `ConnectWidget::videorecord()':
panel.cpp:(.text+0x15de): undefined reference to `QPNGImagePacker::QPNGImagePacker(QIODevice*, int, int)'
panel.o: In function `ConnectWidget::paintEvent(QPaintEvent*)':
panel.cpp:(.text+0x563d): undefined reference to `QPNGImagePacker::packImage(QImage const&)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [../bin/k3dsurf] Error 1

For some reason unknown to me, the build process failed. It failed upon trying to link the object codes.

Arch Linux:
Qt 3.3.6
KDE 3.5.4
GCC 4.1.1 7.1 - Oct 07 2006

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Apr 18 2013
Just a thought... Maybe you two could work together to produce a super killer app. I know, I know, Zhu3D is based on QT4 and K3DSurf is based on QT3. But it would be nice if both of you could share ideas and skills to develop a KDE4-based app. I believe the APIs are stable now. Just my two cents. - Nov 27 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 19 comments

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Aug 06 2006
Dependency list:

* kfile_wine depends on kwinetools
* kio_wine depends on kwinetools
* kwine depends on kwinetools
* kwine_startmenu depends on kwinetools, kdebase, and kwinedcop
* kwinedcop depends on kdelibs and wine
* kwinetools depends on kdelibs

You have to install all the dependencies of a specific kwine package before attempting to build it. - Oct 11 2006
kwine_startmenu won't compile in GCC 4.1.x because of the "error: extra qualification". Here's a simple patch to fix that: - Aug 21 2006
Kima - kicker monitoring applet

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 360 comments

by kenws
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Aug 20 2007
Ooopps. The filename is wrong. Here is the updated URL: - Apr 15 2006
Hey kenws,

I made an updated (CPU Info 0.4.2) Kubuntu package.

Here is the URL:

I hope you could add it up. :)

BTW, thanks for the great job! - Apr 15 2006
Yakuake for Kubuntu Intrepid

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Dec 13 2008
No I didn't say anything about fixing that issue. Please read all the comments. :-)

By the way, please post your Yakuake comments here:

I'm not Yakuake's developer you know. I just do the packaging for Kubuntu. :-) - Apr 14 2006
Thanks for the info. I've now uploaded the repacked non-modified Yakuake. - Mar 19 2006
Oh... Anyway, I'm not experiencing any problems with YaKuake right now so it'll be just fine until you fix it. :)

I'll repackage YaKuake as soon as you release 2.7.5. :)

Thanks for the nice work. Continue the great job! :) - Mar 19 2006
I noticed that YaKuake doesn't actually read my ~/.bashrc file. But when I modified the code in src/shell_session.cpp like so:



the "-l bug" watzke is talking about miraculously disappeared and YaKuake now reads my ~/.bashrc file.

It seems that it doesn't matter what arguments are passed as long as it is not "-l". I hope that helps... :-) - Mar 19 2006
Metabar Human theme

Various Stuff 7 comments

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Apr 06 2006
The truth is that I was kind of insulted when I found out that his work was indeed based on mine. Who wouldn't right? (considering that somebody else was given credit)

Well, let's just end this conversation ok. :) - Apr 08 2006
Dude, the point is that his work was based on mine. I just based my work on ltmon's since I was new to this Metabar theme stuff.

Now look at my theme and ltmon's. Compare the sources. Let's see how much different my theme is from his.

The only remaining stuff in my theme which came from ltmon is the background which is based on the Kubuntu wallpaper, which in turn, is made not by ltmon but by another human being. - Apr 07 2006
Thank you. - Apr 06 2006
I looked upon your sources and discovered that your Metabar theme is not based on ltmon's but based on mine. I checked all your files even the CSS. I even checked for the diff between your CSS and the CSS that came from my Kubuntu Metabar theme. And indeed, your CSS file closely resembles the one that came with my Metabar theme. - Apr 06 2006

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 383 comments

by motyR
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Feb 20 2006
Hey! I could host your files if you want me to. deKorator is a killer app and I really like it. I'll give you access via FTP... So what's the answer? :) - Jan 23 2006
Kubuntu Metabar Theme II

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 7 comments

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Jan 23 2006
Thanks man!
I'll be doing another version as soon as I finish my acads first. :) - Jan 23 2006
Oh I'm very sorry. I'll just edit the description and put a brief instruction there. =) - Jan 21 2006