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Jul 18 2007
I have no idea of why nothing happends...

Can you try to open it with gdb (gdb ./tuxusers) and when you think it is hanged press Ctrl-C and type "bt"? (and send me the backtrace) - Sep 07 2007
Looks like it is a problem that it can not find kde development libraries. As a workaround, can you try to compile with:

LDFLAGS="-lkio -lkdecore" make


Hope this helps. - Sep 05 2007
Sure! And the make output too, please. - Sep 04 2007
Maybe it is because SCAM can not find the Qt libraries. I have only tested it on Debian.

Do you know where are the header and libraries for Qt3 in slackware?

Can you try setting the environment variable QTDIR to point to the qt3 installation directory?

In debian should be something like: "QTDIR=/usr/share/qt3 ./configure"

Hope this helps. - Sep 04 2007
Tuxum InitManager

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Jul 19 2007
You need SCAM, available at - Jul 23 2007
Tuxum Actualiza

System Software 10 comments

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Jul 17 2007
I dont know why it is giving that warning, but remove the -Werror from the generated Makefile and it should compile, although with a warning. - Jul 19 2007
You can skip the registration form by clicking on the 'Cancel' button, or just the ESC key and it will use your configured repositories. - Jul 19 2007
The search function go through all repositories, but stops only when a match is found.

I will annotate all the other request (the key management, upgrade and search tabs) for the next release.

Thanks. - Jul 18 2007
I will check the uic and moc issues as soon as possible.

The soucesList.cpp:190 is fixed at the svn repository. Can you check, please?

Thanks for your comments. - Jul 18 2007