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Florian Hubold , Germany

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by b0noI
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Jul 18 2011

first i'd like to thank you for your efforts. When building KBookOCR for Mageia 1 x86_64 i noticed that there is a library hardcoded with path. See for yourself:

[doktor5000@mageia1 KBookocr]$ grep -R ./
./Makefile:LIBS = $(SUBLIBS) -L/usr/lib64 -L/usr/lib -lpoppler-qt4 /usr/lib/ -lQtGui -L/usr/lib64 -lQtCore -lpthread

This is no good and breaks build on x86_64. Please fix with next release. - Jul 07 2011
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Sep 01 2009
Well, nevermind.
After running kbuildsycoca4 before adding the plasmoid,everything works now again as it should. Don't know why this was necessary, as this is done on every boot.
But now it works again.

And please, keep up the good work :) - Jun 16 2009
No, no kde or qt upgrade involved. Already recompiled 2 times, no change.
Already tried with a newly created user, still no luck.

Shouldn't there be a way to find out why exactly the plasmoid does not work anymore?

The only error message i see is when running it with plasmoidviewer, i gives this:

Couldn't resolve property: linearGradient6699

about 15 of them, with differing numbers.
Does this mean anything? - Jun 16 2009
Since some time i can't add this plasmoid anymore, i get the following error message when adding to desktop or running with plasmoidviewer:

Unknown Widget

This Object could not be created for
the following reason:
Could not find requested component:

Distro is mandriva 2009.1 with kde 4.2.2. and it still works like a charm on another box where it built against kde 4.2.4 and qt 4.5.1.

Do you have any idea how to debug this? - Jun 15 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by MatzeR

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Jul 24 2009
Mini Player

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Emdek

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Jul 24 2009
Device Manager

Plasma 4 Extensions
by giucam

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Jun 16 2009

Office Apps
by b0noI

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9   Jul 07 2011