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Andrea Dolci , Italy
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Aug 10 2015
Hi, icons are ultra-flat-icons - Aug 12 2015
Ok, a bugfix soon. Your theme, however, has something wrong, because you are not displayed buttons and check - Jul 16 2015
I tried Geany, but everything seems ok. Which distro do you use? - Jul 16 2015
which version of Libra are you using? - Jun 17 2015
Ok, I'll do an update soon
Hi - Jun 04 2015
Thanks for your bug report. Unfortunately I do not use Mint, so some bugs may occur. The next version that I will release will be for GTK3.14, then I will try to verify Mint bugs.
Hi - Apr 07 2015
I'll try something similar in the next update

Hi - Feb 24 2015
I tried to recreate the issue on my computer, but everything works well. However I have uploaded a new version, try that. - Jan 31 2015
Could you give me some more clues? uses Ubuntu Unity? Chromium or Firefox? on which site you'll find the issue? - Jan 27 2015
Hi, you can make transparent areas that you say, but you should change some lines of code, and not just the part of the top menubar, because the effect would not be got the best. If we want to think of a transparency that is pleasant, one should also act against the background of the windows. All this is done by changing the style files in GTK3 and GTK2. There is no tools that simplify the work, but only text editor like Gedit. - Jan 25 2015
Thanks! Icons are Ultra-Flat-Icons - Jan 19 2015
Thanks for the appreciation. Chrome is blue for personal taste, but I understand and I agree with your opinions. In the next release Chrome/mium will be themed. - Jan 04 2015
Hi, i'll fix this issue in the next release. - Dec 30 2014
Hi, I found the problem. I'm working on it and will post an update as soon as I can. - Dec 20 2014
Not only for ubuntu, but well tested on Ubuntu Unity. I'm implementing also Gnome 3.12, an update soon. - Dec 09 2014
Thanks for the appreciation! I preferred to remove the transparency because i don't like to keep bugs in the code. If on the next version of Unity, this bug will fixed, i'll include transparency. - Dec 06 2014
Thanks for the appreciation. in the last version, i've removed the trasparency on top panel due to a gtk bug - Nov 29 2014
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