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Dominik Seichter
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

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Jan 01 2012
Thanks for this great description.
I was able to reproduce this problem and 4.0.7 contains a fix for this issue.

Dom - Feb 22 2011
Does this problem still occur?

This should have been fixed with the 4.0.5 release. - Jan 30 2011
This feature is currently missing. Sorry, I have no time to bring it to KDE4 right now.

I at least added today that the setting for "Extension starts at" is saved between KRename runs. I hope this helps ... . This feature will be part of the 4.0.3 release and is currently in SVN: - Dec 04 2009
Thank you very much for these patches. I committed them to SVN.

Please send this kind of changes directly to me via email the next time. So that I can integrate them directly as I look only very seldomly on the comments here.

BTW, could you please post an example of how to disable taglib during the build here? Maybe some users are interested.

best regards,
Dom - Oct 05 2009
We fixed service menu entries in SVN. So the upcomming 4.0.0 release will contain service menus for konqueror and dolphin!

Have Fun!
Dom - Sep 22 2009
Fixed in KRename 3.9.3 - Jun 01 2009
This should be fixed in the 3.9.2 release. Could you please check if this does indeed fix the crash for you?

Dom - Oct 09 2008
I like this idea.

I had an hour of freetime today and added a plugin that does exactly what you need to SVN. You can try it if you want.

The "increase counter plugin" adds an abitrary offset (positive or negative) to a number/counter found in the filename.

Dom - Jul 15 2008
Current trunk has the MP3 renaming feature added and 3.9.1 will contain it. - Jul 06 2008
MP3 Plugin support was not yet added to Krename for KDE4 as the KFilePlugin code has changed in KDE4. This will be added by one of the next development releases.

Sorry for the inconviniences. I know this is one of the most important and most requested features right now.

Dom - Jul 01 2008

You can find the current version, which is ported to KDE4 in the svn repository at
. The basic parts work already on KDE4. Strigi integration for file plugins is the big missing part right now.

Dom - Oct 29 2007
How should the "Find and Replace" button and the "Finish" button be merge? They serve totally different tasks.

Using the Konqueror settings for preview is a good idea.

The regular expressions syntax of KRename is the Qt standard regular expressions syntax which is used all over KDE. So I do not see a reason to change this easier. - Dec 06 2006
Could you compile krename with "./configure --enable-debug=full" && make clean && make and try to reproduce the crash. If you can reproduce it, it would be great if you could send me the backtrace by mail so that I can fix the problem.

CU Dom - Oct 18 2005

I do already know what the problem is for the slow file adding. Sadly I am not sure wether this can be fixed with Qt 3.

As a workaround, it is much faster to give KRename one directory as argument than 10 files as arguments. So if all files you want to rename are in the same directory, just click on the dir and select rename with KRename from there. You'll see a much faster startup time of KRename.

CU Dom - Jun 20 2005
You have to save your settings as a new profile and set this profile to the default profile. See the Menu Extra->Profiles - Jun 20 2005
It can rename files base on id3 tags (see [mp3Artist] for example). The id3 tags itself cannot be changed, yet. It is a planed feature though.

CU Dom - Feb 28 2005
Thanks for the rpm. Could you drop me a mail if you built an rpm for KRename in the future? I do not always read the comments here :(. If I get noticed by email I can upload the rpm to KRenames webpage.

Thanks a lot!

CU Dom - Feb 13 2005
I'm sorry, KRename requires KDE 3.1 at least to compile.

CU Dom - Jul 24 2004

KRename let's you of course define the value to start numbering at, as well as the step it uses. Just press the numbering button and you can configure every aspect of numbering you want.

CU Dom - Apr 13 2004
If KRename 2.9.0 does not compile for you and make exits with the following error:

batchrenamer.cpp: At global scope:
batchrenamer.cpp:821: error: cannot declare member function `static QString
- Jan 24 2004
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 499 comments

by mart
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Dec 13 2007
Impressive work.

I posted the original patch for menu searches in KDE, but your applet simply rocks. It is my default KDE applet now.

Thanks for improving this idea so much and continue the great work.

Maybe you could add an easy button to close the menu.

best regards,
Dom - Jul 09 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 7 comments

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Feb 06 2005
Hi, I'll add a po file for the next release. I also want to add support for placing any objects on dragstack. So you would be able to drag text from koffice onto it.

CU Dom - Feb 08 2005

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Feb 13 2006
AI stands for artificial intelligence (KI in German).

I noticed the same problem with this version. If the computer plays a game, he should start playing trump much earlier. We will work on this problem.

CU Dom - Jan 05 2005
Well, Dachs... - I think am not allowed to comment on this matter ;-).

Bettel is still missing right (ramsch as well). Those two will be added pretty late, once the AI for the normal games is finished, as bettel and ramsch require a different playing and therefore a different AI.

CU Dom - Jan 04 2005
We would of course like to include the original card deck, but I do not think this is possible because of copyright issues :-(.

If someone can create a better bavarian carddeck we will of course like to include it as well :-).

CU Dom - Oct 27 2004
maybe it's possible to support plugins for different card games in the future :).

But let us get schafkopf finished before we talk about this stuff ;).

CU Dom - Mar 30 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 25 comments

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Apr 04 2006
Great! Can this somehow be added to KDE CVS? It would be a really cool feature in default KDE. Of course it should only get enabled if 3ddesktop is found on the users system.

Anyways, keep up the good work! - Dec 14 2004

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Nov 12 2004

Thanks a lot. I will add this for the next release.

CU Dom - Nov 13 2004
Bavaria Tux Card Back

Various Stuff 2 comments

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Aug 11 2004
The perfect addition to SchafKopf ( :-)

Keep up the great work. - Aug 08 2004

Various Games 2 comments

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Jun 28 2004
For what would you need an apply button in such an dialog? A cancel button seems useless to me, too.

CU Dom - Jun 29 2004
Bavarian Old Carddeck

Card 5 comments

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Mar 13 2004
Sure! Of course there will be an AI :). That's the point why it takes a little bit longer to get finished, as an SchafKopf AI is not the easiest one to write, but there will be definitly one available.

CU Dom - Mar 16 2004

I am one of the developers of SchafKopf. We have already some code in CVS, but it is not playable, yet. We will do a prerelease as soon as one can play a little bit with it and the basics are working.

CU Dom - Mar 14 2004
MacOsX hadzaj

Wallpapers OSX/Apple 2 comments

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Jul 14 2003
I like it! :-D - Jul 14 2003