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Marco Gasparetto , Italy
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May 18 2009
Yes thanks, send me some gpx example files if you can. But I'm sorry I don't know when I'll find the time to implement the new feature. :( - May 22 2009
Sorry but at the moment there isn't such feature, it is planned for future releases. I don't have a gps device, so I was working on an import plugin for generic comma-separated text files (excel or other spreadsheets). - May 20 2009
The translation resources have to be compiled with the qtlinguist tools. Run from the qt prompt the following commands:

cd <project folder>
make release

I don't know if there is a way to build the translation resources with the qmake (to avoid this problem). I will ask in forums. - May 19 2009
Thank you.
The source is browsable from the svn repository. I've added for convenience a zip download with the latest release. - May 18 2009
Done. You're now a member of the project.
(PS: I've sent you a PM) - Apr 27 2009
Absolutely yes!
This was my little project to learn Qt and C++. Was also a test to apply some of the enterprise patterns to a C++ project (Services, Domain Model, Identity Map, Memento, ecc).

But now I was in progress (half of work done) to rewrite much of the code and zap the patterns, because on a such small program they aren't really needed. What do you think about that? - Apr 24 2009
Of course you can. The whole source is wrote under the GPL3 license. You can browse the svn tree here: I update that from time to time with the latest changes. - Apr 21 2009