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eberhard pracht

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Jul 24 2019
I sent you an email containing a link for the device xml file.
May be it is possible just to get the import working for now.

- Apr 15 2015
Regarding the import, GPX files are still used to get your tracks on the device.
Internally Garmin now saves all its stuff in the FIT format (
- Apr 15 2015
I recently downloaded and tried your software.
Very nice!
I have one problem though:
If I connect my Garmin Edge 1000 it shows up, but I can't access it (im- or export tracks).

It works fine with my Garmin Edge 705.
Is it posssibly to new? - Apr 14 2015

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Jan 17 2013
you are right, it works...

really great plasmoid
thanks - Jul 13 2009

nice plasmoid!!
could you add support for kvb in cologne?
example: Theresienstrasse

thanks - Jul 11 2009
would be great if you could add - Jun 04 2009