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Edgar Flores San Diego, United States of America
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All Day Long (Animated Wallpaper)

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by edren
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May 24 2012
Did you get a second to read changelog before downloading?:

1.2 Thanks to "masy" for uploading the wallpaper in a new location (Since Mega-upload went down) and also for the directions on how to install on Ubuntu.

Masy added a README file that explains how to make this wallpaper work on Ubuntu, both versions 11.10 and 12.04 use Unity so the same directions should work.

Please let me know if they don't work for Ubuntu 12.04 so I can research further.

Thanks. - Jun 04 2012
Hi, I just tested it in Karmic and worked fine so far... Just uncompress the file and execute the script, the wallpaper should appear right away in your desktop as your default wallpaper...
I am not sure if this is your case, but if you try to move the "AllDayLong" directory to another location after you have run the script, The wallpaper will disappear from your desktop.

Hope this helps. - Nov 26 2009
Permission?... C'mon, go ahead and show us what you got :)

It is always great to see some new and fresh ideas...

See ya! - Aug 03 2009
Sorry, No XP support for XML files :(, you need to use Linux or maybe a third party software for Windows. - Apr 27 2009
Just remove the folder that contains all the images.... that's all you need to do. - Apr 27 2009
Actually, all of them used to be PNG before, but the main file was too big. I had to transform all the imgs to JPG - Apr 27 2009
actually, it is screenlets, I do not use conky. - Apr 27 2009
Thank you :) - Feb 04 2009
With this version you don't need to change anything.

Just download the file and execute the "install" script. - Jan 14 2009
Hi.. It is not Cairo.. It is AWN Avant Window Navigator.

Cheers! - Jan 13 2009
Try again, I have uploaded this file on Geocities. Thanks! - Jan 13 2009
I tried that but it didn't work for me - Jan 13 2009
Great idea!, thanks for this dude!. - Jan 02 2009
Sure we can, but not that big :P

We can host up to 1 MB i think - Sep 03 2008
Hi, the most of the cases is because you have not updated the XML file with your current path or 'cos there is a typo. - Aug 21 2008
Hmmm I don't know. It is very easy to convert these pics to JPG but some times this format decreases the pictures' quality. - Aug 21 2008
Moved to another one. Actually there is no 1280x800 widescreen category so I had to move it to the one that matches the most!. - Aug 21 2008
Hi, It should happen automatically.

- Aug 07 2008
If I am not wrong, you can drag the xml file into the "wallpaper window".. I am not sure, I will check later and let you know step by step. - Aug 05 2008
Time to get impressed so...

I think that already exists:

Is that what you mean? - Aug 05 2008
You shouldn't have any issue, just make sure that you keep all the wallpapers and .xml file in the same folder and you have the right paths in the xml file as well.. after that try to select another wallpaper to display. Add AllDayLong again and set it as your wallpaper.. That should fix your problem.

Regards. - Aug 05 2008
Faris already did it for us :) - Aug 05 2008
Thank you dude!... I was away for some time. Thanks for uploading the file into another server.. I just added the new link. Thanks again. - Aug 05 2008
thanks man! - Aug 05 2008

Make sure that the path is exactly the same in your XML file, remember that Unix is case sensitive so, if your path has any capital letter you must type the same in the XML file. - Jun 20 2008
The script simply takes one of the 8 available wallpapers depending of the current time, every wallpaper is different. So, the script does not change the color of one single wallpaper, instead of that it chooses one of the available Wallpapers. - Jun 18 2008
Sorry dude, that's the only available resolution so far. Maybe I can work on some other styles and resolutions soon.

- Jun 17 2008
Thanks! and thanks for your job as well, your XML script rocks and that's the reason I got inspired. - Jun 17 2008
ColorSpin Widescreen (Color changer)

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by edren
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Feb 04 2009
hmm weird I have never experienced that problem... honestly, I don't know. - Feb 04 2009
The desktop is Gnome :) and the screenlets' gadget is called RingSensors.

- Jan 14 2009
Metacity fixes the flash issue. Anyway I have changed the transition range to 1000.. this means that the color transition will take longer but the processor and the flash issues will be fixed. - Jan 14 2009
Let me check if I can fix this someway - Jan 13 2009
I know, actually this a Compiz issue. If you use metacity or run compiz --replace, this doesn't happen. - Jan 13 2009
New SlicknesS Theme 2009

GTK2 Themes 37 comments

by edren
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Feb 04 2009
It's called "hydroxygen".. this icon theme is great 'cos you can change some icon colors and styles with an included script.. - Feb 04 2009
it is called "Zekton" you can find it in this website. - Feb 04 2009
Thanks man, anyway you can always modify the themes... the scrollbar is nothing more like png images.. ;) - Feb 04 2009
It looks like you have set some compiz transparency effects... I think that's why your panel doesn't look like mine. - Feb 04 2009
Try going to the panel properties (right click on the panel and properties) and in the "background" tab select none "(use system theme)" that must solve your problem. - Feb 03 2009
Ha ha ha, I know, actually I've been using Linux since many years ago... Believe me, I dislike windows a lot but, unfortunately you always need that crap to create some school homeworks. - Feb 03 2009
Try to untar the file and move the theme folder to /usr/share/themes or /home/USER/.themes . then check if everything is fine. - Feb 03 2009
Just open the screenlets menu and select the "ring sensor" screenlet, everytime you press "Add" and this screenlet is selected you will get a new sensor of the same screenlet. Then, you can set the size and the kind of sensor of every screenlet, set every screenlet as "Locked", that way, the screenlets won't move and will stay there in the back. - Feb 03 2009
Since this is just a little modification of the original work, I am not sure about the engines it uses... What I know is that it does not use any of the Aurora / Murrine engines. So if I am not wrong, this theme only uses the standard Gtk 2x engine. - Feb 03 2009

Plasma Themes 57 comments

by ireko
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Aug 09 2008
Hey what's up.

This question is not related to your theme (which is excelent!). How do you add the Notes widget on KDE 4.1.1? I've been looking for it and I can not find it anywhere.

Thanks! - Sep 04 2008