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Christoph Brill
Memory Cards - new layout

Icon Sub-Sets by LinuXFriend 1 comment

They all look great! - Dec 09 2004
amaroK: Wolf Howl

Various Artwork by euxneks 27 comments

I really like it! That's a really great icon in it's orignial colors. But I don't like those strong colors (green, blue, yellow and orange). I'd recommend a lightblue-gray color if you really want to color it. - Dec 09 2004
XPerience is tupid

Wallpaper Other by gogodidi 4 comments

If you actually took the real Windows logo and copied it around and around, I guess you are missuning copyrighted material. I'd remove it, if I were you. - Nov 16 2004

Wallpaper Other by mablanquer 4 comments

I've been looking at rendered images for to long time. My first impression of the picture was: The red texture of the bridge could have been better :D ... and my brain still doesn't want to belive this bridge is real, weird. - Nov 16 2004
theobroma's Kpdf

Various Artwork by theobroma 10 comments

This icon is the best I've seen here! It does not depend on the Adobe logo, but is inspired from it. VERY GOOD! - Oct 15 2004
evenNewerTux bootsplash

Various Stuff by unresSym 4 comments

If you are using Gentoo Linux try "bootsplash_resize" to get a 1024x768 Theme to 1280x1024 - Jun 06 2004
Lila splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by telex 6 comments

i think the yellow is WRONG!

try something else and i'll use it. maybe a very bright purple? - Apr 25 2004