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Elektro Schock
*.* -> MOV, MP4 conversion service

Dolphin Service Menus by KIDNet 4 comments

mp4 is also an audio-only format. - Nov 01 2006

Audio Apps by jce 12 comments


Where then? Gnome apps? It is not based on Gnome.

Songbird runs on KDE/LINUX, so it belongs to the family. No toolkit racist will be able to exclude it. - Oct 22 2006

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

With Kuake we had a very slim terminal "window decoration". Is it possible to get Yakauke without the ugly "KDE Terminal Emulator" window decoration, in Kuake style. - Oct 02 2006

Browser by jkyro 7 comments

Oh well, you only use one blog api the same time. Configure your api and then only offer the options which are supported by the api. - Aug 13 2006

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

I dislike the window decoration and the KDE terminal emulation title. Kuake was better on this - Aug 13 2006

Emulation by DarkShock 17 comments

Why did youn rename it? Kamefu was better. - Jul 11 2006
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mart 499 comments

Probably task driven approaches are better than program-oriented menus. - Jul 02 2006
KDM Theme Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by smileaf 237 comments

Theme manager for KDM,

please bear in mind that not everybody knows what KDM actually is.

So a tautologic description KDM theme manager = theme manager for kdm has some usability glitches.

*What* is themed here. The answer is not KDM. - Jun 21 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Linuster 58 comments

What is thre button "browse.." for? From a usability perspective it looks strange - Jun 01 2006
KOffice KROSS scripts dialog improvement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by SMB 7 comments

Should be better context sensitive and merged to one single button. - Jun 01 2006
KOffice KROSS scripts dialog improvement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by SMB 7 comments

Should'nt there be a sort of preview or an explanaition of the function? E.g. with a sample picture. - Jun 01 2006
Yakuake for Kubuntu Intrepid

System Software by djclue917 15 comments

Is it possible to disactivate the window title, like we had in Kuake? - Apr 21 2006
Konqueror Anti-Phishing Toolbar

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by meni 14 comments

Popups look ugly and are bad from a usability perspective.

There must be a more convinient solution. - Apr 12 2006
KDE Pro II Normal

Full Icon Themes by RedHyena 36 comments

3floppy lacks contrast - Mar 20 2006
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by CraigD 453 comments

The clean solution would be a patch to GTK which reimplements the KDE file dialogue. Even if it is not accepted it would enable to maintain a patch with which you can compile your gtk apps for integration into KDE.

KTK so to speak... - Mar 12 2006
Konqueror flash plugin installer

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by bcanet 20 comments

I just wonder why a popup window is needed for that task, would be better to use the current Konqui tab for that content. - Mar 12 2006

Graphic Apps by NNlinux 7 comments

Why cannot GTK apps get posted here. KDE is not about toolkits. - Mar 10 2006
YaKuake 2.7.3 for Slackware

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by CyberBoy 1 comment

Is it possible to get rid off the "KDE terminal emulator" win decoration like we had in kuake? - Feb 19 2006

Card by domseichter 24 comments

Is it possible to create a wood style for KDE? Similar to metal. - Feb 15 2006

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

Is there any way to disable the "KDE Terminal emulator" decorations. this bar is useless and ugly. Original kuake had a nice x pixel grey bar which rest on the screen.

Further I would prefer to edit the color and font schemes myself than to chose from existing ones. The configuration could be improved. - Jan 07 2006

Various KDE Stuff by yodor 10 comments

amarik is great - Sep 28 2005
Flash Editor

Graphic Apps by zvonSully 68 comments

what about "HarleKin"? - Sep 26 2005
K Menu Idea

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by dalore 10 comments

You do not need the "everything about" line. - Aug 27 2005

Chat & Messenging by yogin 11 comments

Why don't you move from savannah to Berlios? - Jul 19 2005

Graphic Apps by littleelephant 9 comments

So what?

Btw: There are qt bindings to Java as well. - Jul 03 2005
KLaunch2 - kbfx button

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by maarizwan 21 comments

While the artwork is great I think there is no need to copy the start button of windows. "Launch" --- hmm. - Jun 12 2005
KDE 4.0 where to go

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by borisb 13 comments

This is idea spam but:

From my perspective a magohany style is needed. Not brushed metal but magohany wood.

Further I am convinced look of KDE is fine. Longhorn styles look great with the brushed mozilla style but is far from beeing stylish.

You cannot make a good-looking interface when you just copy. - Jun 11 2005

Network by helldrive 78 comments

These "aktiviert" checkboxes are horrible from a usability perspective. When something is desktivated greyshade it. - May 26 2005

Various Games by dovidhalevi 16 comments

Yes, there are Java Bindings for KDE. - May 18 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes by motyR 198 comments

Is it possible to implement wooden styles with the engine such as magohany? - Apr 02 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes by motyR 198 comments

I would like to see a magohany or oak style. - Mar 13 2005
Improving KDE (for KDE 3.4)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by f10nk 43 comments

Rounded selection does not look very good. But rounded selection and the ugly "underline" , this is over the top. I would prefer to remove the outdated underline default first. - Feb 26 2005
Generic Feedback-Wizard

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by SegFault 26 comments

A real feedback agent would log the user's use of the program and submit this data to a database. Not personal opinions but hard facts. - Feb 03 2005
gambas 2

Developers Apps by gambas 30 comments

Will Gmabs II support MDI and SDI interfaces? - Jan 25 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by SegFault 36 comments

So rather the original settings shall get adjusted rather than a new configuration option. - Jan 11 2005
KDE CC/IC, Konqueror, KMail (IN CVS)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by lokheed 128 comments

It is not the visual appaerance, the explanaitions of the modules are really crap:

Background = change background settings

For me the main problem are these descriptions and the structure.

And: How can I customize Kmenu with ControlCenter?

a theme includes styles, background etc., So this is on a higher level and not topic 8 under modules that are to be subordinated.


the visual appearence is not that great as the the font is very small.


Further need: Integrate other Config tools into controlCenter auch as Wine configuration. Such as Software mangement

---- I would recommend to direct from the root level to the theme config. - Dec 25 2004
Quanta Plus

Developers Apps by amantia 72 comments

The main important thing is the freedom to do what you want. I also prefer MDI but others prefer other interface styles. Kdevelop was right to give you the ability to choose. - Dec 10 2004
FairytaleWorld Icons Themes

Icon Sub-Sets by chunxiayu 43 comments

These colourful Icon styles remind me of computer games: Duke Nukem, Wing Commander II

Very nice... - Dec 10 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by kzaty 11 comments

I think it is bad to clone anything. It is not original, not inventive.

Open Source themes are often include everything but are inconsistent, no common style. - Nov 15 2004

Wallpaper Other by kairo 23 comments

It is intresting to see how an awful picture creates some useful discussion.

Anyway Eric, the times of The great mass murders(tm) are gone. And there is no excuse for today's mistakes by the deadly policy of the past.

Your president made huge mistakes in foreign policy that are not that much overseen at home. They reduced the moral credibility of your nation. Propaganda of this worst kind is totally inappropriate anyway and I don't want to get used to it. I don't want to see the leading nation of the western hemisphere depicted like this. I don't like anti-bush bashing despite my respect for freedom of speech.

I do not want to take over his job because you have to make decisions on life and death. And when the American democracy approves this policy the American people are responsible for what happens today not the person elected.

Hope Quanta will not ever kill :-)

In a democracy you are responsible for what your representative does in your name. So don't blame him. - Nov 15 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by Aristo 36 comments

what is "X." ?? - Nov 08 2004
Keduca Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by dadeisvenm 4 comments

I really like this!! perfect. - Nov 08 2004
Industrial for KDE (wish/request)

Various Stuff by legalos 5 comments

You mean the default color scheme... - Nov 08 2004
Cezanne Icon Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by cjtown 60 comments

I think notes do not fit to Wave files or Ogg. It is music or speech recordings, not midi, not sheet notes. - Nov 08 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by seguso 27 comments

I think it should rather be language neutral.

However I think you can make it to the KDE Accessibilty project, esp. combined with voice recognition it looks very good. - Nov 02 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by seguso 27 comments

Why an English name?

I don't like the Interface you propose but the general idea is very good. - Nov 01 2004

Graphic Apps by clarence 40 comments

what about a grid? - Oct 29 2004

Wallpaper Other by z-vet 2 comments

The shadows of the karamba text makes it difficult to read, it lacks contrast. Also please think of the colours used. - Oct 26 2004
Taskbar, thumbnails and halos

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by daphantom 5 comments

Have you tried

?? - Sep 23 2004

Tactics & Strategy by Andi 12 comments


Keep on working - Sep 14 2004