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Amarok 2.x Scripts 109 comments

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Feb 06 2014
Sorry, but I can't reproduce the situation now. After I've logged in to in browser(google chrome 19) the script also logged in succesfully.

Also I would like to mention that the page 'You're logging in from a strange place, please confirm' appeared in browser. Maybe it's related.

Will inform you in case the situation repeats. - Jun 13 2012
After entering a valid email/pass and confirming data access the window says 'security breach'.

P.S. I'm totally sure that email/pass are correct - Jun 11 2012
Dropbox ServiceMenu

Dolphin Service Menus 124 comments

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Jan 29 2012

here's a small patch that enables you to install this globally(e.g. to "/usr") and/or locally (e.g. to "~/.kde4").

Hope it would be useful for new release :) - Dec 08 2011