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by Emdek
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Jun 10 2012
This Panel Spacer applet with style from Sabre-Toothed Tiger Plasma theme.
I'm planning to add support for adding spacer between tasks and launchers or maybe even possibility to add more spacers and manage them by drag and drop (or using editor that would behave like tool bar editor, easier to do and more reliable).
But now I have exams and don't have too much time. :-/ - Jun 18 2009
But I've one idea how it could be fixed, try to add this code:

if (!icon)

To file applet/FancyTasksApplet.cpp at line 980, between these lines:

FancyTasksIcon *icon = (FancyTasksIcon*)layout()->itemAt(i);

width += icon->boundingRect().width();
- Jun 08 2009
Thanks for report. :-)
I'll try to do something with this but this is probably specific to Qt 4.4 and most probably happens during transition of launcher to task, so workaround could be to temporary remove launchers before it will be fixed...
- Jun 08 2009
I'm planning to move tool tips to Plasma native (after porting needed features to KDE trunk, planned for 4.3 but I didn't have time...) and as far as I remember Plasma developers don't like this idea and I don't want to add features that I'll need to drop in near future (it's better to use native solution because it is more consistent and there is also that animation for moving pop ups).
I'm planning to work (maybe together with Marcin, STasks developer) on improving upstream tool tips when SVN trunk will be opened for KDE 4.4 development and then I'll know which features could be added to not clutter them too much.
And in my opinion this button could be look much better if it could be placed in corner of thumbnail but this is not possible (thumbnail is drawn by KWin and we can't control it too much).

For now you can use middle click on thumbnail or icon to close task. - May 12 2009
It looks like applet does not receive drag and drop events or there is something wrong with them. This could be Plasma regression and I hope that it is only temporary bug. I'll do some tests when I get fresh code from SVN trunk.

Beta 1 was already tagged some days ago and according to release schedule it should be released today. - May 12 2009
1. Video needs update (I'll do that when releasing v0.9 probably, maybe during next week), configuration interface was simplified in newer versions.

2. Plasma is unlocked when you drag items? If yes, there should be shown drop indicator similar to that which is shown when you drag applets to panel.

3. When you drag items there is no drop indicator (as described in previous point)? And do you have enabled manual sorting strategy (needed for moving task icons)?

I know that drag and drop isn't perfect currently but should work enough reliable to perform these tasks.
I'll probably start testing applet with KDE 4.3 after release of first beta. - May 12 2009
Plasma is probably blocked by dialog, but it's window shouldn't be shown behind any other (positioning of dialogs is handled by KDE)...

You can try to avoid blocking of Plasma by adding this line:


In file applet/FancyTasksLauncher.cpp, after line:

m_propertiesDialog->setWindowTitle(i18n("%1 Settings", m_title)); - May 05 2009
This happens only with this applet?

Of course this is not normal. ;-)
List of launchers is saved with other configuration options. - May 04 2009
There is hidden option to set initial factor for icons (used also by other effects, in case of zoom this is used for setting initial size of icon), you can try to experiment with it by changing value of m_initialFactor variable in applet/FancyTasksApplet.cpp. Maybe in future I'll add possibility to set this value in configuration file (bloating configuration GUI is not good idea ;-)).

Hiding and showing of applet should be done in containment (there was already discussion on Plasma mailing list to add support for hiding also when applet requests it) or maybe I'll create own dock panel containment in the future (needs more work but is probably best idea). - May 01 2009
Confirmed, thanks for report, I'll try to fix it for next release. - Apr 28 2009
Thanks for constructive criticism. ;-)

Scaling doesn't changed too much, but probably partial transparency made it looking blurry. ;-)

I'm not sure if option to disable background is really needed now. Currently applet uses own theme file that contains background etc. It could be edited using for example Inkscape or other SVG editor. If you want I could create alternative file without background.

Snapshots of windows are done only for Composite less desktops (if Composite is turned on it uses XRender and usually thumbnails are better and in tool tip there is live preview like in default task manager applet).
Currently delay is set to 200 milliseconds, if it would be increased there is bigger risk that window will be switched to another and we will get snapshot of another window or desktop.
And this will be probably removed when applet will be moved to standard Plasma tool tips (maybe for KDE 4.3).

Visual indication of "pressed" state is already done but probably could be improved (it's better visible with bigger icons). - Apr 17 2009
Could you provide screen shot?
Applet allocates some space when we use zoom animation but it shouldn't be too much, especially when in panel (and this should be the same amount on left and right side).

It's possible that it happens because starting from 0.8 applet uses expanding size policy (I'm not sure if this is best for dock like applet, I've put it mostly for testing, if this makes too much problems I could remove it in 0.9), like other task manager applets. You can test how it behaves when you remove or comment out line:
setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy(QSizePolicy::Expanding, QSizePolicy::Expanding));
In file applet/FancyTasksApplet.cpp. - Apr 13 2009
If you get window with back trace after crash you could copy that information somewhere and put link here. This will help a lot.
And which version of Qt you use? - Apr 13 2009
Thanks, sometimes it's easy to fix own errors. ;-)

I'll also try to improve performance in future, especially painting of icon (it takes biggest part of resources, mostly CPU). - Apr 12 2009
Ok, so most probably I'll release later today version including this fix (needs some more testing of performance regression fix). - Apr 12 2009
Thanks for back trace. :-)
You can try this package, maybe will work for you now (probably also fixes performance regression): - Apr 12 2009
I don't think that it is because of that, I'm always using the same configuration and there were no crashes when I've changed something and recompiled...
And then it shouldn't crash in plasmoidviewer (it uses own configuration file as far as I know).
That warning comes from Plasma theme, not applet.
I don't how to fix it without back trace (there should be shown window with information after crash), I could only guess that it is caused by something in applet constructor or init method. - Apr 12 2009
In this version I've started to use themed marks for running tasks, maybe this cause slower painting, I'll try to fix it.

I'm using this wallpaper: - Apr 12 2009
Could you provide back trace (if any)? Which KDE and Qt versions you use?
Could you try to test it using: plasmoidviewer fancytasks. - Apr 12 2009
It works in default Tasks applet (both uses the same library)?

I'm using this theme:
Probably I'll add new theme element with new version that will include this or similar dock background and "lights" for running tasks instead of current dots. - Apr 08 2009
Mini Player

Plasma 4 Widgets 142 comments

by Emdek
Score 82.0%
Jul 01 2012
Thanks. :-) - Jun 01 2009
Thanks, this backtrace tells everything that was needed. :-)
I'll release new version that should fix that problem (and add some new features) most probably on 01.06.2009.
For now you can try to comment out or replace these lines in applet/MiniPlayer.cpp:

mutedChanged(configuration.readEntry("mute", false));

volumeChanged(configuration.readEntry("volume", 0.8));


m_player->audioOutput()->setMuted(configuration.readEntry("mute", false));

m_player->audioOutput()->setVolume(configuration.readEntry("volume", 0.8));

And remove these two lines from above from declarations of these methods:

void MiniPlayer::mutedChanged(bool muted)

void MiniPlayer::volumeChanged(qreal volume)
- May 25 2009
If you want you can try it using for example virtual machine by Qemu or VirtualBox. - May 18 2009
Thanks for link but this most probably other problem...

Crashes still happens with newest version? - May 18 2009
Thanks for report.

1. Applet is meant to change size only horizontally but I can try to rework it in future (especially controls resizing).

2. Wrong placement of volume slider happens only when showing it for first time and is most probably caused by wrong calculation of widget size (they reports proper size only after they are shown for first time, but dialog is positioned before showing, to make it do not jump shortly after showing), I'll try to workaround it for new version.

3. I'll focus on better panel support for next versions.
Accidental moving applets to panels is general Plasma problem. - May 12 2009
Thanks. :-)

Now all play lists should be always remembered but you can always export it to PLS or M3U. - May 12 2009
It's finally ready for testing. ;-)
Small tip, importing of remote play lists not always works fully reliable so if this would fail you can open streams using Open URL action. - May 12 2009
Thanks. :-) - May 10 2009
I've added support for it yesterday and maybe I'll release new version during next weekend with some other improvements. - May 10 2009
Interesting idea, I'll try to add support for this in near future. - May 08 2009
Thanks for information, I've added link to bug report. - May 05 2009
This was probably caused by stupid problem with position slider (finally identified and fixed). - Apr 24 2009
Sorry, I've no idea why this happens. :-/
But this could be probably problem with Phonon or it's backend (or maybe something between Phonon and Plasma).
Maybe author of that widget (Marco Martin) or someone on Plasma IRC channel has some ideas... - Apr 24 2009
You are testing it using plasmoidviewer?

If you are testing also on 4.3 then you can check if it works properly in mediaplayer applet from SVN (in kdereview/plasma/applets/), it uses the same class for video widget (my applet uses local copy, it is available in Plasma starting from 4.3).
You can also try to compile applet using original class, then you need to change included file in applet/MiniPlayer.h from: #include "VideoWidget.h" to: #include <Plasma/VideoWidget> and remove VideoWidget.cpp from applet/CMakeLists.txt file.
If this could be reproduced after that this means that this could be bug in Phonon (or one of backends) or something wrong in Plasma maybe (but still back trace would be best source of information). - Apr 21 2009
Could you try to check how it works with GStreamer backend?

As far as I know, back traces aren't stored in file, so we need new one...
You can try to run applet using this command: plasmoidviewer miniplayer, then Plasma won't crash, only viewer window (better for testing). - Apr 19 2009
Please provide back trace if there is any, without it I can't check what causes crash.
And which distribution, Qt version and Phonon backend are you using? - Apr 17 2009
No, I'm talking about that from this package (but I'm not sure if this will really help): - Apr 14 2009
I'm not sure how it looks in other distributions, but maybe you need to install package that contains this tool, named drkonqi (in my case it is in kdebase-runtime package) or maybe enable kind of option somewhere. I don't know, on my distribution it works out of the box. - Apr 14 2009
Problems with sizing are known bugs, I'll try to fix them as soon as possible.

I don't know what to do with these crashes because these doesn't happen on my computer... So backtrace would be very useful.
Could you try to reproduce this using plasmoidviewer miniplayer command, maybe then window with crash information will show? - Apr 10 2009

Plasma 4 Widgets 574 comments

Score 81.9%
Jul 14 2012
We discussed that with Lechio on IRC on Saturday, we are planning to create shared library for creating plugins that could be used with other task managers (Fancy Tasks and STasks, and maybe others if will come).
And putting applets on it could be possible if Daisy would be transformed into containment (like panels). - May 19 2009
Maybe right, this is really destructive action and in fact browsers often allows to open new tab using middle click (similar to open new instance). - May 18 2009
Systray integration is not possible without larger adoption of newly proposed specification.

Number of instances drawn on icon looks ugly, I've tested that idea in my applet already. It's better to draw multiple indicators (for example maximum five "lights").

And maybe it's better to use Shift modifier to open new instance (as I've did in Fancy Tasks) and use middle click for another action (for example fast close). - May 17 2009
It is not possible to query application for title without part or something, the only option is to use regular expression to find and remove paths but this is bad idea and could cause problems. This needs to be done on application side not task manager. - May 12 2009
OK, so I'll send you message with my contact data. :-) - May 12 2009
I see that my plasmoid has now serious competition. ;-)

If you want we can share ideas and maybe also code, to make development of both applets faster (like my cooperation with STasks developer).
I hope that they won't duplicate too much in future. :-D - May 12 2009
Adjustable Clock

Plasma 4 Widgets 354 comments

by Emdek
Score 84.3%
Nov 01 2013
Blank space could be added because applet tries to reserve space for changing text part of dates without resizing (for example when day of the week changes from Friday to Saturday), but this mechanism is not perfect...
You can try to set smaller font for date part, this should make that space smaller.
And there is no right tag. ;-)
You can try to use <p align="right"> tag. - Apr 24 2009
Run Command

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by Emdek
Score 76.7%
Feb 04 2012
Yes, translations are not needed after last changes (no custom strings). - Apr 21 2009
Thanks for report, should be fixed now (include was placed in wrong file). - Apr 21 2009
Spell Check

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by Emdek
Score 58.0%
May 01 2009
Thanks for information. :-) - Apr 17 2009

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Mar 21 2009
To jest błąd w libstakmanager, sam aplet nie grupuje i nie sortuje, tym zajmuje się wyłącznie tamta biblioteka.

This is a bug libstakmanager, apple doesn't group and doesn't sort itself, this is done only by that library. - Apr 12 2009

by nowrep

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Dec 31 2013

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