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Apr 04 2013

Currently we do not provide arch linux packages. Therefore you must compile it yourself. But it should be quite easy.

As dependencies you need:

- qt4
- Qt4 mysql plugin
- optional KDE library (if you want to use KWallet for example)
- LibEngsas (you must compile it yourself too, s.
- optional Qca with qca-ossl plugin (if you want to use amazon)

For building Meganizer than, follow the documentation at


Joachim Langenbach - May 04 2013
Good Morning,

Meganizer stores the "choosen" default language in ~/.config/EngSaS/Meganizer.conf. May be it is in there from your last run. The option is named defaultLang. Just delete this line or the whole file.

I've tested it on Fedora 13 (with RPM Package, but it is build from latest source) and


where the fist two characters are used to determine the choosen language, if defaultLang is not set at the config file.

I hope this will help and I'm glad to here whether it was the solution or not!

Nice sunday,

Joachim Langenbach - Oct 17 2010
Good afternoon,

thanks! Yes it was a bug.

It should be fixed now in branch 0.3.0-rc2 and will go into the packages this week.

Joachim Langenbach - Oct 03 2010
Good Morning,

thank you for this hint. The differences are already mentioned in the text, but they seems to be not clearly outlined enough. So we try to write a new text and point out the advantages more clearly.

Kind regards,

Joachim Langenbach - Sep 19 2010