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Erik Quaeghebeur
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Veromix - volume control / soundmenu

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Jun 14 2012
has the plasmoid created the file ~/.local/share/dbus-1/services/org.veromix.pulseaudio.service ?

No. I installed it by downloading and then installing it in the Plasmoid selection screen using 'from file' or someting like that.
- Aug 16 2010

Stock Kubuntu 10.04 64bit (so KDE 4.4.2).
I had to add to autostart, but after that, the plasmoid worked great (and it is very nice).
However, when I try to enter the setup setup (Alt D, S), nothing happens.
Probably related: I also cannot put (move) the plasmoid in the tray.

Erik - Aug 16 2010