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Feb 05 2010
look at your messagebox :)) - Feb 05 2010

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Feb 16 2008
make command output error here:
scene.cpp: In member function `void Scene::init(int)':
scene.cpp:65: error: `clear' was not declared in this scope
scene.cpp:65: warning: unused variable 'clear'
make: *** [scene.o]
- Feb 16 2008

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Mar 15 2010
if you intend portable application, sorry just not support.Because config directory not changeable.

But two version is compatible. you can use database file both windows and linux.

File->Export->Crypted Database File
and you can import other OS.

I'll add this support next release(changeable database and config directory and portable solution). (Good idea!!)
Thanks for your concern. - Jan 19 2008