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J. Wagner Boston, United States of America
Digital ice green

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Apr 11 2009
Thanks for pointing that out!

Fixed and double-checked, it downloads the green now. - Apr 13 2009
Green Glass Shrooms

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Apr 12 2009
Hi there,

Everything was modeled in Sketchup (free version) and rendered in Kerkythea.

Thanks for the comments!

- Apr 12 2009

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Apr 10 2009
None of it was "difficult" per se, but I've been using Sketchup and Kerkythea for a few years. I'd probably qualify as an intermediate modeler with Sketchup and a beginner with Kerkythea rendering. If you've never used 3D software before, I guess it could be difficult - but this particular model only took about an hour to create. It would've taken less time, but I had a hard time figuring out how to smooth the junction between the spheres and cylinders.

Kerkythea rendering was the easy part, I used a "canned" glass texture and rendered with very minor adjustments to the stock startup settings.

If you're interested, both programs are free and have their own respective forums for help, easily found with a Google search. - Apr 12 2009
Hi there,

This is a 3D render created with Sketchup and rendered with Kerkythea.

Thanks for asking! - Apr 11 2009
Digital ice blue

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Apr 11 2009
You're welcome! - Apr 11 2009