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by Seli
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Oct 15 2009
What about wmiface on KDE4? - Jul 02 2009
wmiface does not seem to work on suse11.1
> dcop kded wmiface
object 'wmiface' in application 'kded' not accessible
> kwin --version
Qt: 3.3.8b
KDE: 3.5.10 "release 21.11"
KWin: 3.0
will there be any fix for current versions of kde3 - Jan 30 2009
dcop scripting(bash) & further links (Konsole DCOP Scheme Automation Tool):
for KDE apps only; activate & maximize(fullscreen) application main window; konqueror-openURL

wmiface dcop scripting with bash (wapp):
application preloading; summon appwin to current working area; uses kwin/wmiface only - for all apps (Firefox, Ding, ...) - Aug 27 2007
Is there any further and comprehensive documentation about WMIface?
What do the 6 parameters of the findNormalWindows method stand for?
Are there any other functions than those mentioned in the few specific examples?
Why does kdcop not show these methods? Is there a good source about dcop scripting in general? - Aug 14 2007
warp - preloader for kwin

System Software 4 comments

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Jul 26 2009
That is a good question.
Of a console perhaps. - Feb 14 2008