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Farid Aldana
WinSur-white Plasma Theme

Plasma Themes 6 comments

Score 60.0%
Jul 03 2020
what is that menu widget? - May 11 2020
El Capitan Mod

QtCurve 17 comments

Score 72.2%
Jan 06 2016
Gracias man! - Jun 03 2016
kind of ;) - Feb 25 2016
if you already installed the theme, in qtcurve settings, in "Rounding" section you can choose the type of rounding you want. :D - Jan 25 2016
I'll do that soon - Jan 10 2016
Right now there are no kde app bar menu port for kde5. I have kde 4.14 - Jan 10 2016
It's kde default panel, just change default task by icon task plasmid and resize - Jan 10 2016

QtCurve 9 comments

Score 70.0%
Dec 22 2015
ROBOTO?? - Feb 16 2016
Dude!! it's hard to briefly explain, first of all you have to install and apply "Invisible" plasma theme, after that you need to change the size and height of your panel, remplace your default task manager with "icon only" task manager and apply "El General" icons theme. - Feb 10 2016
sure! - Jan 04 2016
"El General" : - Dec 22 2015
Aqua (Liquid & Flat)

QtCurve 4 comments

Score 67.1%
Jan 23 2015
el esquema lo podes encontrar aquí: - Jan 23 2015
Ah! mi error; gracias por tu comentario. listo! arreglado (qtcurve).

Con respecto a compartirlo, no se porqué el segundo link, ni idea, pero en desde el primer link de descarga podés obtener el tar. - Jan 23 2015
dolphin+tab, please make it happen!!

Desktop Concepts 9 comments

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Mar 28 2008
why i am forced to use, as superuser, konqui to have tabs for do as i want?? and if i am a regular user?, why i cant have a way to use tabs in a file manager like dolphin?? tabs not mean dolphin becomes ugly or complicated, i used many file manager before and tabs are, for me, the best way to operate over my files between diferents folders, yes split view exist!! but is not the same... but again that is only a mockup... - Mar 29 2008
Amarok2 Simple Playlist

Desktop Concepts 6 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 23 2007

that is one of my last mockup, some thing like that im thinking to do if i have only a track, without album but always have artist name and title and that is all that you need to put... or remember there is always an unknown album to put some tracks...

for the second question... you have reason, no track should show...

i fix those in my next mock promise - Nov 23 2007