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Nikita Volchenkov Samara, Russian Federation
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Jan 27 2011
Yes I moved all actions from toolbar to menus. I do that because I want add few more samle toolbar buttons, but combining clickable and non-clickable buttons on the same toolbar looks strange for me. - Jan 21 2011

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Jan 09 2010
Oldscoolish!!! What a gtk and icon theme? - Dec 12 2010
ALLWHITE-style icons for Inkscape

Icon Sub-Sets 6 comments

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Nov 17 2009
It's work perfect. The icons is in svg file what opens in browser window, just save it on your HD. - Dec 03 2009
I repeat, your problem with open, new print and other system icons what came from gtk icon theme will be resolved when you install ALLWHITE gtk icon theme from darkvinder —

Also, if you want you can create your own inkscape icon set — just open and edit icons.svg (or tango_icons.svg) from /usr/share/inkscape/icons directory, then save you work to ~/.inkscape/icons/icons.svg, i made my icons by these way. - Nov 17 2009
I probably work on them when I update to newer version (in this moment all ebuilds of Inkscape 0.47 hardmasked on my Gentoo). Also icons for new, open, print and so buttons comes from original gtk icon theme, you need install them too to have complete look'n'feel. - Nov 17 2009
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