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Aug 13 2009

Is there somebody maintaining kalternatives ?
Is this project still alive ?
- May 24 2016

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Nov 18 2015
Can you explain what KF5 is ? Is it the name of the next generation of KDE software ?
Nevertheless nothing is currently planed to port Kpackage4 to KDE5(KF5 ?) / Qt5. But if there is any advantage (improved performance, new features ...) a port may be considered. - Mar 30 2016
Hi !

The errors you got (and that I cannot reproduce here even after adding '-fpermissive' to the Gcc flags) seem to be the consequence of the evolution of (mainly) Kde (from 4.9.2 to 4.12.97), Cmake and/or a different release of Gcc (here Gcc-4.4.1).

The Cmake files generated using the configure script seem to be different too (here cmake-2.8.1).

Can you tell what is the result of 'uname -m' you got; there may be a mismatch between this result (it seems to be 'x86_64') and what Gcc expects as an argument to '-march' switch in your case (a 64bits processor)
- Apr 08 2014
Thanks for your contrubution.

Can you tell the Kde4 & Qt4 releases you are currently using with Mageia5 ?
Did the Kpackage4 build fail due to a compilation error ?
If yes can you give detailed informations about such errors ?

Here (using Kde4-4.9.2 & Qt4-4.8.2) expressions such as "KUrl::List::List(...)" or "KUrl::List(...)" are accepted without any error (or warning)

The development of an "Urpmi" package handler can be planned if other users ask for it; I take your wish into account. - Apr 06 2014
Thanks for your help to test Slackware handler
To solve this '-march' problem I'll try to find something more general.
- Mar 12 2014
Hello gengisdave
I wonder if this crash is a consequence of the problem you mentioned in your next comment.
"packageLoc" is a pointer set to NULL in base class constructor and setup as the result of the path settings dialog.
Can you rebuild kpackage4 with the debug option and send the log ? - Mar 12 2014
"packageLoc" is a public member of "pkgInterface" base class defined in pkgInterface.h and "SLACK" class is derived from this "pkgInterface".
Did you get a compilation error message for this (or for something connected to that point) ? - Mar 12 2014