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f galli

Wallpaper Other by LinuxfanMarcel 6 comments

Great photo! The moon, so big, is great! One of the best wallpapers ever :-)))) - Dec 23 2007

Various KDE Stuff by binner 59 comments

I agree with the comments above about releasing too often and fixing the bugs afterwards. I must say it has always been like that, but although many people complained about this and suggested to release less often, they just won't listen.


I agree with the people that also complain about this here. Yast and Yast update system was working great, reliable, and fast since the early days of SuSE, and before anyone else (Red Hat, Microsoft, etc) was able to have a decent patching and updating system.

None had anything working then, apart from SuSE, who had Yast and Yast-updater, WORKING (just working) since SuSE 6.0 or less.

Now, since this zmd shakeware was introduced, nothing works, and when the luck is such that something kind of works, it's just SLOW.

It's sad that now one has to hope for a newer and better updater (like a opensuse updater, or whatever) because the updater already existed, it was good, it was user friendly, it was reliable (very important for such a task, right?), it was called Yast. And now it has been crippled.

- Dec 12 2006
German shepherd dog (Schäferhund)

Wallpaper Other by dooyou 5 comments

It's a very beautiful dog and very nice wp as well. I don't understand the negative comment above :-(
The dog is great, and there's nothing wrong to upload wp with animals! - Jun 10 2006

Wallpaper Other by myszak 2 comments

Nice RRD kite, I have also a type-6, although I mostly windsurf.

....waiting for the surfing season to start again...but this year the winter is taking too long. Here in Holland it's still freezing and there in Poland must be a lot colder :-( - Mar 16 2006

Wallpaper Other by sektion31 1 comment

Great wp! Thanx! - Dec 15 2005
WelcomeHome-Splash 1280x1024

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by tobydox 6 comments

Nice! That's the full-screen splash I was waiting for! THANX!! - Nov 02 2004
Kaffeine Player

Video Apps by juergenk 179 comments

I also hope that in the new release the UI will be customiseable so that I can configure it like it was before this change. I also don't criticise so often, I actually think kaffeine is great, but I'm not happy with the new UI. I hope it will be possible to reverse this change! - Oct 07 2004
Kaffeine Player

Video Apps by juergenk 179 comments

I don't like this new kaffeine at all.
The previous interface was much better, more user friendly and intuitive. I also loved the toolbar with the controls at the bottom.
There is nothing good about the new interface and what is worse is that it crashes continuously. Furthermore, it creates a wizard.bla file and xine-config file in my home, instead of reading the xine config file in the .xine dir.

Why wasting time in a new interface (which looks worse and less usable) instead of improving the stability?
Sometimes some applications and interfaces are just GOOD and no change is needed.

I just reinstalled ver. 0.4.3b - Oct 04 2004

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by ThEOnE 20 comments

That's not true.
I use Linux, ONLY Linux, and I would never
use any OS without bash. - Oct 24 2003
Sleeping Penguins

Wallpaper Other by fgalli 2 comments

I bought them from SuSE. You can order them at your favourite computer shop. - Aug 07 2003

Wallpaper Other by xtefen 8 comments

Why? What is the problem with photos? - Jun 06 2003

KDE Plasma Screenshots by checkdog 2 comments

Where can I download the wallpaper? - May 09 2003
Tux taking over the world

Wallpaper Other by yken 4 comments

Nice wallpaper!!!
;-))))) - Feb 26 2003
Crystal Desktop

Wallpaper Other by stupidity 4 comments

Nice! thanx. - Jan 29 2003
Simple Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by fgalli 3 comments

I did not make the wallpaper myself, that's why I did not upload it.
If you want it anyway, download it from here:

the original:

the modifed one: - Nov 27 2002

Wallpaper Other by themesKnugen 8 comments

I find this wallpaper very nice!
Very well done. Thanks. I turned it into green. Some people may also
like it green. Do you mind if I upload it? - Nov 18 2002

KDE Plasma Screenshots by nargaff 7 comments

I think it's the Conectiva-linux window decoration - Oct 29 2002

Various Stuff by yf12s 32 comments

I agree with you: this XP-like KMenu is too big, useless and
not really user friendly. If people really want, than it should
be an option but please not the default!
- Oct 22 2002
SuSE 8.1 & New Window-Decoration !

KDE Plasma Screenshots by mononoke 1 comment

It's a SuSE 8.1 window decoration.
Look up, if already there. - Oct 03 2002
Liquid without toolbutton backgrounds

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by neuralfraud 29 comments

You should install autoconf (a tool to configure automatically),otherwise it won't work. - Oct 03 2002
TUX is watching

Wallpaper Other by emumania 2 comments

It looks cute! Nice, thanks - Sep 26 2002
Oops (ha ha ha)

Wallpaper Other by SetoKiaba 13 comments

where can I find more details about this (scary) issue of being illegal to uninstall pre-installed windows? Can you point me out a web site, or so? Thanx. - May 27 2002
Oops (ha ha ha)

Wallpaper Other by SetoKiaba 13 comments

I don't like micro$oft for the same reasons, but I still think there are better ways to support Linux. Question of taste, probably. - May 26 2002
Oops (ha ha ha)

Wallpaper Other by SetoKiaba 13 comments

The same as for "Linux Rocks" wallpaper posted today as well: I don't like this agressive/negative anti-microsoft wallpapers. By doing this, us Linux-people pass from the right side to the wrong one. If we agree on the fact that Microsoft monopolistic "tendencies" are no good for computer developement and open source, then why not writing a good informative-scientific web site about Linux, and how better is than Microsoft OS, rather than wasting time in such wallpapers? - May 26 2002