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Tobias Kaminsky

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Jan 17 2013
10.2 seems not to work with > KDE-4.7.4 - Jan 12 2012

I have updated my ebuilds.
They are now stored here:

Included is:
publictransport-9999.ebuild (which is master)

Tobi - Jan 11 2012

I have updated the Ebuild:

-9999 is always the newest GIT clone.
-0.10_beta8 is the unstable version.

BTW: Please change the download link to:

Tobi - Apr 12 2011
Okay :)

But is it not possible to checkout 0.10-beta7 directly?
This would decrease traffic as (maybe) there are lots of old files for 0.9 which need to be downloaded...?

(I know that this is not a real problem as the complete source is 11mb...)

- Mar 20 2011 updated.

As we checkout from GIT, there is no version-number anymore? It is all the time the last version?

Thank you - Mar 12 2011
is updated to beta5 - Feb 25 2011
is updated - Feb 23 2011

I have already made an ebuild for Gentoo.
And yes, you are right. It is a little pain to get it work...

Tobi - Feb 17 2011

I have two widgets with different stops and filters.
After many suspend2disk,suspend2ram and complete restart I have two widgets with the same stop and the same filters.

Is there a way how I can help you to debug this error?

Thank you - Feb 15 2011
[quote]Maybe you got this wrong: The symlinks aren't created first and then installed, but directly created in $ACCESSOR_DIR.
Maybe it would work if they're created in the build dir and then copied to their destination? But doesn't copying a symlink copies the linked file?

Hmm. This is exactly the problem as Gentoo does not allow creating files outside its sandbox.

-rw-r--r-- 1 tobi 0 Feb 14 20:24 1
lrwxrwxrwx 1 tobi 1 Feb 14 20:24 2 -> 1
drwxr-xr-x 2 tobi 40 Feb 14 20:24 dest

mv 2 dest/

ls dest/
lrwxrwxrwx 1 tobi 1 Feb 14 20:24 2 -> 1

So this would work.
I think that this is the way it is meant to be, because make only builds files and install moves them to the correct folder?

Thank you - Feb 14 2011
Please try it again - Feb 13 2011
Gentoo is compiling all packages itselfs.
Therefore it has a sandbox in which all files are compiled.
Gentoo does not allow to create files outside of the sandbox.
It seems that somehow $ACCESSOR_DIR is pointing to /usr/share/apps/plasma_engine_publictransport/accessorInfos.

This is set here? set( ACCESSOR_DIR ${DATA_INSTALL_DIR}/plasma_engine_publictransport/accessorInfos )

Although the content looks like us_default.xml -> us_septa.xml.

This seems to be a relative soft link?
It is a link from one file to another in the same directory.
So it should work to use something like that "ln -s us_septa.xml ./us_default.xml

I used this to make it compile on Gentoo.
As it is a relative link it should be indepented from the working directory as the . is not evaluated...?

Thank you
Tobi - Feb 13 2011

install( CODE "${SYMLINK} at_oebb.xml ${ACCESSOR_DIR}/at_default.xml)" )

in order to get no problems with gentoo:

install( CODE "${SYMLINK} at_oebb.xml ./at_default.xml)" )

- Feb 13 2011
Despite of the symlink problem mentioned on previous page beta3-ebuild is working now.

Tobi - Feb 13 2011
beta3 still seems to have absolute links.
Unfortunaly, this is a showstopper for gentoo... - Feb 13 2011
You do not have to do this.
I just thought it would be a general problem. But I see that all filtered departures are shown. Because Darmstadt has so many departures it will only show 4 filtered, but this is ok.

I just was curious how it works.

Thank you! - Feb 09 2011

I do not know if it is possible.
At the moment one can only say that the widget should show a special number of departures.
But if you filter you do not get 20 departures. Instead you get only two as these two are the only matching within the next 20 departures.
So...It would be nice to say that there should always be 10 departures wether they are filtered or not.
(I know that the widget then needs to fetch 20 departures, filter, check if there are enough departures remaining and, maybe, re-fetch more derpartures.

Thank you
Tobi - Feb 09 2011
My ebuild will work with the next version.
Right now there is a problem with global symlinks.

- Feb 08 2011
Great :)
Thank you! - Feb 08 2011

could you change the symlinks in plasma-dataengine-publictransport-0.10/accessorInfos/CMakeLists.txt to relative symlinks?
This seems to be the only way to create an ebuild for gentoo. otherwise I get a violation as the symlink tries to create files outside the sandbox. - Feb 07 2011
I tested the new .10beta. The problem still exists. It happens also when the only filter is "target contains frankfurt". It shows 2 RB and one Airport-Bus, only RB disappears. - Feb 07 2011

I am working on it.
But I get a sandbox violation.

I hope it will be ready the next days. - Feb 07 2011
RE 60 is shown correctly while RB 60 is not.

(If you want test it, the Stop is Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof and I am using RMV) - Jan 28 2011
Unfortunaly, it does not work quite well.
I am using above filter combination.

It shows RB 60 Frankfurt till I update timetable.
If I disable and enable the filter RB 60 is shown until I (manually) update the timetable.

I started it with plasmoidviewer publictransport from konsole. Only while editing the filter this was shown:
Object::disconnect: No such slot QObject::dataUpdated(QString,Plasma::DataEngine::Data)
Object::disconnect: (sender name: 'Stops de_rmv|stop=Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof')

After that (enabling/disabling filter) does not show any output.

What could be the problem?

Thank you - Jan 28 2011
Yeah this works fine.
I missed the small + to use multiple querys in the same filter... - Jan 28 2011

I have updated the ebuild. - Jan 28 2011
A new version. Great.
I will provide a Gentoo Ebuild tomorrow.

Is it possible to change the conjunction of the filter?
I want to to this:
if ( (vehicle = S or RB) AND ( (destination = frankfurt) OR (destination = bad soden))

Destination filters work just fine, but I need to add vehicle type in order to get rid of the busses to frankfurt. But if I add the vehicle type filter I get trains to everywhere else...

Thank you - Jan 28 2011
Gentoo Ebuild updated - May 25 2010
Sorry, I have no idea.
I have only tested it on amd64 - Apr 19 2010
Please be more specific.
What error? - Apr 18 2010

I have updated the ebuild.
But withoout Timetablemate as Gentoo currently does not have a stable version of kwebkitpart.

Finswimmer - Apr 17 2010
Updated - Mar 27 2010
Please try it.

Tobi - Mar 15 2010
I am working on it :) - Mar 15 2010
Hmm. Not for me.
echo "Icons"
cd "${WORKDIR}"
cd ${PF}/publictransport-icons-${PV}
mkdir build


echo "Icons"
cd "${WORKDIR}"
cd ${PF}/publictransport-icons-${PV}/build/
make DESTDIR="${D}" install || die "make install failed"

Please try it again (19:24) - Jul 27 2009
Please test it.
(${PV} should have been added since 0.5.2)

finswimmer - Jul 27 2009
Is working again with 0.5.2

Enjoy it! - Jul 27 2009
Your CMakeLists.txt does not have all image files:
install(FILES 16x16/apps/public-transport-stop.png 16x16/apps/vehicle_type_bus.png 16x16/apps/vehicle_type_sbahn.png 16x16/apps/vehicle_type_subway.png 16x16/apps/vehicle_type_tram.png

There are missing:
- Jul 13 2009
I am using the Gentoo Ebuild (as I have created it ;) )

But, for some reason, only Bus is shown correctly. For RegionalBahn there is a yellow triangle. (german: Dreieck mit Ausrufezeichen)

Tobi - Jul 13 2009
Gentoo Ebuild is installing icons in:
where they should belong, I think.

Maybe you can add this path? (maybe as a relative path to the .so file:

Tobi - Jul 13 2009
Please try it. - Jul 05 2009
I will fix it in just about half an hour.

Tobi - Jul 05 2009
I know.
The structure of the tar.gz content has changed.

Will this structure be permanente?
Or just for 0.4.7?

Tobi - Jul 05 2009
Gentoo Ebuild updated! - Jul 04 2009

great improvements, but rmv does not work as expected:
Langen (Hessen)
is showing a green lamp.
But it does not work. XML says:
<Err code="H740" text="Your input is ambiguous" level="E"/>

rmv with "Frankfurt, Hauptwache" does not show platform.

Many thanks!!


Ps.: Maybe you can write the Delay minutes in red? - Jun 23 2009

something is wrong with the URL.
It must be:

Could you add "delay" to either or


Tobi - Jun 18 2009
Hmm. As far as I see Product 0 - 3 are also necessary:
0: ICE
1: EC/IC
2: Interregio
3: Sonstige Züge

Tobi - Jun 17 2009
QuickAccess (maintenance fork)

Plasma 4 Extensions 54 comments

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May 27 2009

would it be possible to add a list where all your Places like in Dolphin are displayed?

Thank you! - Oct 07 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 88 comments

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Oct 22 2009
On KDE 4.3.73 it does not work.
On KDE 4.3.2 it works.

So, I guess it is ok, if it just works on stable branch...

Thank you - Oct 30 2009

I cannot execute the above term as I cannot type ^.
I tried it with a fresh user using DE Layout. ^ is working in konsole and any other KDE programs.

I switched to US Layout and it works.


Tobi - Oct 29 2009
Score 72.2%
Oct 07 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions
by fpuelz

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Jun 17 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by mbaszczewski

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Mar 08 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by fpuelz

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