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Florian Roth
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Various KDE 1.-4. Styles
KMetabar - (Modified Metabar 0.7)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 171 comments

by zammi
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Oct 05 2005
I absolutely see your point. I doubtet very long whether to keep the old version (0.7 based) or switch to the html based. But finally I decided to use khtml which makes it themeable and very flexible (at least when everything I want is implementet). That's why I accepted the slower loading on startup. And currently I'm working on a theme which will make 0.0 look like 0.7
But I guess it wont make it in KDE 3.5 as I have no internet access at home yet - Sep 09 2005
Wow, great work I have to say. But I (the author of Metabar) am just wondering why you were unhappy about 0.8. Maybe you can write me an mail to tell me. User feedback always helps to improve an application. You could (almost) have achived this by changing the layout of metabar 0.8. As I said feedback is always welcome :) - Sep 08 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 249 comments

by FJR
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Jul 13 2005
It's in branches/KDE/3.5/kdeaddons/konq-plugins/sidebar/metabar/ now.
So it will be part of the kdeaddons package in 3.5 - Sep 08 2005
Metabar loads all bookmarks at startup (even subfolders). This seems to take all the CPU and makes konqueror hang. I will fix this as soon as I find a good solution... - Jul 28 2005
The first step is already done. Metabar bar is in the KDE SVN repository. BUt it is no part of kdeaddons (that's where it will be when added to kde) yet.
You can get the sourcecode for SVN if you want to: - Jul 17 2005
Do you have many bookmarks? With many subfolders and entries? - Jul 17 2005
Try a ./configure --prefix=/usr/kde/3.4 (or what your kde version is). My dev system is gentoo too and it's working here - Jul 14 2005
Could be a SuSE bug
It's running fine on my SuSE 9.3 with kde 3.4 (SuSE default) - Jul 14 2005
I for myself think not I can do such a style sheet as I'm not so good in CSS. The current style was done by a friend of mine who is much better in doing this. But maybe someone elso on can make some?

Metabar uses for the preview your preferred player part. So if you chose let's say kmplayer as your favourite part for mpgs Metabar will use it. You can change it in Konqueror's file options I think. - Jul 14 2005
What icon set are you using?
I had this problem during development and thought I had fixed it. I will do some investigation on it though. - Jul 14 2005
Usually you have to add it to the sidebar manually - Jun 16 2005
a normal
make install
should work.
Have you installed the dev packages? - Apr 15 2005
Yes there is no documentation for metabar because I started it as an app for my own which originally wasn't intended to be released to public. But I got positve feedback and thus I decided to release it here. An there are lots of people who like it though it has a lot of bugs. And I do as much testing as possible on my system. Having a KDE 3.4 installation I don't have the possibility to test on KDE 3.3 or older. I need the feedback from other developers and users to fix bugs what I always try. I also got patches and many mails from users reporting bugs and wishes.
So if you don't like the current state of metabar why don't you write a bug report or send me an email? If I don't know what you don't like I can't change it. Sounds logical, eh? Or change it yourself if you are a good developer. And if you want more docs and info why not write an mail to me? I always try to answer them.
If you want to criticise me, so be some more constructive. - Apr 11 2005
I have no SuSE system so I can't test it but try reseting you sidebar to system defaults
you should now see a metabar icon - Mar 08 2005
I know about the scrolling problem as I still haven't found a working solution for it. I someone has one, don't wait and send it to me ;)

You can configure the open with.. actions by configuring the mimetypes actions...

And yes, I'm planing actions depending on what kind of content a folder has - Mar 08 2005
Never had such an error before. I do not have very much experience with gcc, automake and c++ stuff att all. Maybe someone else can help? - Mar 08 2005
there was some fix in some older comment or a comment for metabar 0.2.
take a look at it as it might help - Mar 08 2005
So give me some more detailed info as I can't reproduce it on my system...

Did you check file permissions? - Mar 02 2005
So you mean you have to run konqueror as superuser? Or what does SU mode mean? - Feb 26 2005
if you type konqueror in a console you get konqueror's debuggin output printed to the console...

I finally fixed the problem with the metabar_add.desktop file and it is now correctly installed in my current working version.
I will release a 0.4a maybe
Befor installing this, you should uninstall your old version and eventually remove the .desktop files by hand. - Feb 25 2005
Can you give me the output of konqueror when you are trying to add metabar? Maybe ist an old file which causes the problems.
Have you replaced your old metabar_add.desktop with the new one in the entries folder?
or try reseting your sidebar to system defaults - Feb 25 2005
It is no bug that you can't play audio as the preview uses arts to play it.

And I don't know how to get the metabar_add.desktop file installed to the add directory and not to entries :)
So anyone can give me some hints? - Feb 25 2005
I thought of self configurable actions which are a list of actions provided by konquerer. So access to the media:/ ioslave and the actions you mentioned should be able.
But I first have to figure out how to get the actions from konqueror or even kde - Feb 25 2005
to 1)
I don't exactly know what you mean...
I can't reproduce the bug you are talking about, or at least we are talking above different things... :)
So please give some more detailed information - Feb 25 2005
Zelda: Ocarina of Time

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 7 comments

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Jul 26 2005
can't wait for TP as well...
They said November, right? - Jul 27 2005
Crystal Clear

Full Icon Themes 199 comments

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Jun 15 2007
I think they are a bit inconsistent. Some icons look like the old crystal ones, some like the Rade8 icons and there are some with the new style (the back, up, home actions in Konquerer for example) - Jun 23 2005
Program Control Center (KDE)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 60 comments

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Jun 02 2005
You're right
Kpackage is already there to do this job. And it supports the package systems of several distros. But I really like the mockup and how it looks. Though the idea seems to be inspired by Windows it is a good one. KDE has lost of good applications but many of the are unusable or to old fashioned when it comes to look. I think we definetly need more eyecandy in KDE :)
... So I will give it a try and I hopefully can give kpackage a new face :) - May 30 2005
Metabar 0.7 Gentoo ebuild

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 18 comments

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Apr 04 2005
Nice to see an ebuild for metabar out there :)

Being a gentoo user I really like the advantages of portage though having installed it manually... well, it would be stupid if I installed it with portage - Feb 25 2005