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Unibody Kickoff [Application Launcher]

Plasma 5 Menus 10 comments

Score 58.0%
Jul 29 2019
updated - Jul 29 2019
Thanks for sending more info. I'm really not sure what's going wrong. It normally replaces KDE's Kickoff here in Manjaro. Which distro are you using? There are other widgets that match their respective KDE's widget name. Could you also try this one ( and tell me if it breaks anything? - Mar 12 2019
It's intended to replace usr/share's Kickoff because otherwise there are no translations. But I haven't heard of system breakage. Can you describe this issue by filing a report here? - Mar 10 2019
do you have Kicker (Application Menu) installed? - Jan 29 2019
Darker Breeze Dark

Plasma Color Schemes 3 comments

Score 50.0%
May 06 2019
Ah sorry my man, I should have checked. We were actually discussing this scheme within KDE as an update of Breeze Dark so I just kept the most logical name. I will change it though. - May 06 2019
Bouncy Ball

Plasma 5 Applets 5 comments

by Sho
Score 75.5%
Mar 12 2017
+ - Dec 08 2018
Deepin theme for KDE

Plasma Themes 7 comments

Score 65.0%
Apr 26 2018
+ Padding is maybe a bit too strong in the panel but otherwise a great theme. - Nov 23 2018

System Software 1026 comments

by Sho
Score 86.7%
Mar 28 2018

the latest Yakuake version (3.0.2) has broken the bash code for a blurry background effect.

The error thrown out is: "xprop: error: No window with name Yakuake exists!"

Has there been any change that leads back to this (window name)?

- Mar 07 2016
Bouncy Ball

Plasma 5 Applets
by Sho

Score 75.5%
9   Dec 08 2018
Score 65.0%
9   Nov 23 2018
+ Padding is maybe a bit too strong in the panel but otherwise a great theme.