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Oct 11 2019
Indeed, I recently removed the screenshot from my cloud. Sorry.
You can find the picture again here
Regards. - Aug 20 2019
Did you have a chance to look at this problem ? Am I the only one to experience this ? Would you know the origin ?
Regards. - Aug 19 2019
Here is screenshot
Regards - Aug 03 2019
This is a very nice theme, thank you.
However, when I roll up the windows a black horizontal band appears below the remaining title bar. Do you know how to solve this issue ?
Regards. - Aug 01 2019
Telinkrin- Arrongin themes

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Mar 12 2019
I use the Arrongin theme on my computer since I updated to ubuntu 18.04. There is no major problem, but for the nautilus sidebar whose dark part is too narrow. The consequence is that the end of the directory names is not visible. See the following window capture
Is there a solution ? Thanks for your help.
Best regards,
Frédéric. - Apr 29 2018

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Jul 08 2019
I sent you a message with a link to a picture showing the problem.
Frédéric. - Oct 01 2015
Thank you for this theme.
I have a problem with the progress bar, which is systematically empty since version 0.3.4 or so... (I can provide a screen copy)
Moreover, when copying a large file with nautilus for examples, not only the progress bar is empty but the text which indicates the remaining time before the end of the copy disappears from time to time. This is the only theme that I tried which has this "feature".
Cheers, Frédéric.

PS: Gnome 3.14 - Ubuntu 15.04
- Sep 30 2015

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by elbullazul

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9   Sep 30 2015