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Frank Reifenstahl
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mart 499 comments

Do you know katapult? Include bookmarks to your search results (they aren't, do they?), and tasty menu will conquer my desktop. - Sep 26 2006
Kate Project Manager Plugin (KPMP)

Text Editors by fishdude 40 comments


Thank you for bringing back PM features to kate. What I am badly missing is to add remote files and directories to a project.

A bug I noticed in the recent 0.1.1: I added a new project. On adding a existing file a popup told me that the directory (which one?) is empty. After pressing "ok" the file selection dialog appears and I am able to go on.

Hope you will carry on!

Frank - Jul 18 2006

Utilities by rdglinux 35 comments

...pdf base tool? Me myself I have been thinking about such thing for a long time. Especially about gui supported PDF creation from scans. A while ago I found a little script to do it, and after fiddling around a little bit it's now one of the tools I use most often. It smells like this:


usage() {
echo "Usage: pdfscan {nameofimage.pdf}"

if [ $# -lt 1 ] ; then exit 1 ; fi

# Get scanner device name and scan
scanner=`scanimage --help | tail --lines=1 `
scanimage --batch=$1.%04d.tiff -p -d $scanner --mode Color --resolution 200 --batch-scan=yes --format tiff

#convert to pdf
tiffcp -c lzw $1.*.tiff $1.tiff
tiff2pdf -p A4 -j -o $1.pdf $1.tiff
rm -f $1*.tiff

kghostview $1.pdf

(--batch-scan is quite likely specific to HP OfficeJets)

It would be great if you could add such a feature to KPDFTool. Good luck! - May 03 2006