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Sebastian  , Germany
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German Radio Streams Service

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Oct 12 2018
I updated the script. Your streams are now included in the list. - Oct 12 2018

sorry for the late response. The last weeks were quite busy.

I can add the two streams in the next release. I hope, I have same time this weekend to make the changes. Do you have the link to the ERF homepage? I can also include an icon (32x32 pixel) if you have a download link.

I speak German but let's keep the discussion in English since this is an international plattform. - Oct 10 2018
I finally had the time to publish the new station list. - Feb 05 2018
Thank you for the link. I will add it in the next release. - Jan 16 2018
Is there anything else I need besides your archive: - Sep 24 2016

@kickmetoandy: Are you still maintaining this script? I would be willing to take over but I do not want to steal your work.

Best regards,
Sebastian - Sep 22 2016