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Christian  , Switzerland
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Hoppla [Philips Hue Operation Plasmoid]

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by Fuchs
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Dec 05 2019
Please create an issue on GitHub and attach as much debugging information as possible, at very least the payload of the action, and preferably the messages (or a backtrace) of plasma crashing. You can start plasma from a terminal to get the messages. - Jan 30 2020
Hi, schedules are saved on the bridge and executed on the bridge, thus your local system time does not have any impact. Instead of giving a mediocre rating here, please do submit a bug report on GitHub including information needed so I can debug the issue, e.g. a dump of your bridge configuration (without the keys) and the schedule it created. Thanks. - Sep 19 2019

yes, that looks good on GitHub, yeah, I replied there.

tl;dr here is: I'd like to add the possibility to configure more bridge stuff, but it's going to take some time because it will need a couple of reconsiderations and also a lot of rewriting, plus some advanced things you wanted might not be possible with pure-qml limitations.

As this will take quite some time I did also mention a workaround there for you, which can be done from any web browser or, if you prefer command line or need to automate stuff, you could even do it via curl. I hope that helps in the meantime, since this is hopefully not something you need to change often.

Kind regards,

Fuchs - May 24 2019

thank you very much for the praise and suggestions.
Could you please submit suggestions through GitHub, though? Here they get a bit lost, there they can be tracked. And as all the code is open source, other people can tackle them as well.

What I can already say is that I think access to screen content might be limited in QML, and I try to keep my plasmoid pure QML. So I'm not sure whether I can create something able to change colours based on screen content. A media player (like Kodi) is the correct piece of software to handle this.

Bridge: if this is exposed via the API: I can, otherwise I can't. I'd have to figure out where to put it in the config, but I can likely do that, assuming you can set it through the API. - Jan 10 2019

I don't have any to test, but if you use them via a Hue bridge I assume it might work. If you don't: only if Ikea uses the same REST API.

However, the source code is all on GitHub, feel free to adapt it. - Jan 05 2019
Hi, no, this is completely unrelated to redshift. It is meant to control philips hue lightbulbs, not your screen.

Note that it is open source (see link on top), as is the redshift one, so you should be able to create a plasmoid for redshift that has tabs :) - Dec 16 2018
Hi, the plasmoid uses an older version of breeze dark, nothing special. The window content and window decoration is just regular breeze. - Dec 05 2018
Thank you very much :) - Dec 05 2018
Gladly, you find two example translations (German and Swissgerman) in, feel free to create one for spanish and send me a pull request.

Note that currently in order to have the translations, one needs to compile the plasmoid as per readme, as in the past it was not possible to ship translations with a plasmoid from the "get new stuff" system. I think that got fixed, I shall see if I can implement that at some point.

I'm glad you like my plasmoid and that it's useful for you :) - Sep 04 2018
Hi, you can submit feature requests at, but currently I only have limited time to work on it. Translations can also be added there, I'm afraid whilst I speak a couple of languages, I don't feel comfortable enough in them to add a whole translationset. - Aug 20 2018
Thank you ♥ - Jan 13 2017
Simple Menu

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by Sho
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Apr 18 2018

in case of it not getting implemented (which I'd understand, as I don't think everything needs to be configurable): the .plasmoid is a zip file, you can just extract it and open the contents/ui/MenuRepresentation.qml file with your favourite text editor, modify it (mostly the anchors, can't test how simple it is here due to a lack of 5.9 for now), safe it, re-package it and install it. Shouldn't take you more than a couple of minutes, even if you have never written any qml before.

Kind regards,

Christian - Jan 31 2017


Sep 04 2019
Bouncy Ball

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by Sho

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9   Mar 10 2017
Simple Menu

Plasma 5 Menus
by Sho

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3   Jan 30 2017

Plasma 5 Multimedia
by audoban

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9   Jan 21 2017