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Various KDE Stuff

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Sep 02 2006
You probably haven't you installed the 'devel' package for SQLite. If you know you have, then run configure like:

./configure --with-extra-includes=/where/you/installed/sqlite/include/ --with-extra-libs=/where/you/installed/sqlite/lib

-Jason K - May 04 2005
Just to let people know, we are aware that there is a problem with the recipe view when using KDE 3.4 RC1 (and 3.4 beta2). I'm looking into the problem now, and I can only hope it'll work fine on KDE 3.4 final!

-Jason K - Mar 03 2005
About being slow, that is probably because you are using SQLite and nutrient data is loaded in the database. I've looked at this at can't find a way to speed it up. In the next release, when you turn off nutrient display in the Page Setup, it should load quickly.

About the recipe view, I guess I'd need a picture of what is happening as I don't seem to have any problems with that.

-Jason K - Feb 26 2005
The Reinhardt Style (formely Slicker)

KDE 3.5 Themes 97 comments

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Nov 26 2004
Looks great!

How about a screenshot with the style in conjunction with slicker? - May 02 2003
YCursors - cursor theme for X (>=4.3pre)

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Feb 04 2003
Great theme and keep up the good work! - Feb 11 2003