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Tomasz Sawicki

System Software by sedwards 16 comments

While compiling I'm getting errors starting from:
serviceconfig/kcm_serviceconfig.cpp:11:23: pythonize.h: No such file or directory

I'm using Debian unstable. There is no package providing that file on the official mirror. Google returns merely 10 hits for word pythonize, most of them are about errors too:)
So, my question is where can I find the relevant library and include files? - Dec 10 2004

Various Games by grover99 8 comments

Nice to have such program written in QT. I've just installed it and I have some comments for you:)
1. Maps SF Sandstorm and MOUT McKenna are always displayed no matter if I select them in map filter or not (it's displayed even if I don't select any map in map filter at all).
2. It would be nice to have separate columns: current players and max players, so the list can be sorted by each of this values.
3. I think there also should be a column for server version.

That's just my two cents. Good job soldier;) - Oct 22 2004

Network by helldrive 78 comments

Just one question. What I need to do for Kasablanca to support large files (>2GB)? I'm using Debian/Sid, glibc2.3.2, and QT 3.3.3. - Aug 27 2004

Groupware by smt 12 comments

I'm using akregator for quite some time now. I don't know if it's only me but browsing the list of feeds need some optimization, especially on feeds with many articles. I would understand that populating the list with articles can take some time when "All articles" option is chosen, but this can take few seconds even with "New & Unread" option, no matter how many new articles there are. I don't know the specifics of implementation but couldn't it load only those new & unread and load the rest only if I choose "All articles"?
Beside of that this app is very nice. Oh, and I can't wait for back/forward/reload buttons added to pageviewer:) - Aug 26 2004

Audio Apps by BOSSoNe 25 comments

This tools is looking very promising. I have few comments:
- %Artist, %Title, etc (meaning that first letter should be upper) should lower the case of the rest of letters, currently strings like "ENIGMA" (all uppercase) would still be the same with %Artist variable. IMHO it should change it to "Enigma". The same is for automatic changing case of letters in tags. Maybe %ARTIST, etc vars should be introduced.
- ability for setting comment for all opened files would be very useful.
- I can't find any way to close all opened files except closing each tab one by one, or closing whole ktag, and reopening it with different set of files. File/Close and File/Close all would be nice thing to have.
- configure script don't stop and warn when it can't find taglib or musicbrainz files, and Ktag fails to compile without any of them installed.

I like the ability to find covers for albums! - Aug 26 2004

Text Editors by cullmann 43 comments

You can use file list as shown on screenshot 1. Takes more space than tabs, but I have this opened all the time when working with many files. - Aug 20 2004

Developers Apps by umputun 23 comments

I can't import anything to existing repository. eSvn won't use contents of "Message" field - svn will try to execute text editor instead of using -m parameter. - Aug 17 2004
Firewall Builder

Security by vadim 12 comments

Great app. If you're familiar with Checkpoint software this tool will satisfy your needs. Less sofisticated but still great functionality.
Maybe it's only my box but developers will need to do some more work on the control displaying policy rules, especially in Linux version.
Rewriting it in QT was great idea too! - Jul 30 2004
Liquid Kalendar

Karamba & Superkaramba by baraquda 40 comments

And what should be done to make this theme "pl_PL" supported? I see only background picture no matter what country I choose. - Jun 24 2004